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Jul 11, 2011 02:06 PM

Bali, Ubud - casual, local eats

Greetings all. Not a lot on the board on Bali, so I'll ask. Staying at Uma Ubud for a few nights in August. Looking for opinions on casual, local places, with local food. Don't need yet another "expats/visitors love the burgers" place, would much rather eat Indonesian if good casual places - warungs or similar - exist. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Center of town, the town is three blocks long, daily is a pig roast. It is that good, end of story. At night the fussiest hotel in town serves chai that is still in my memory, and quite inexpensive, but wonderful, sorry name escapes me. Hotel in town not the Amandari out of town, although lunch there was spectacular as well.

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      Ibu Oka is the name of the roast pig location I think.

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        Tourist trap but tasty. There is great food all over Ubud and warm atmosphere to match.

    2. I tried a "non-touristy" spot (Ibu Dayu) for babi guling, but understand that the legendary Ibu Oka is still *the* destination of choice: