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Jul 11, 2011 01:43 PM

Brazilian Steakhouse?

Anyone been to Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse in Bellevue(Factoria)?

Curious about the food,service,ambiance,price,value...etc.?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. We went a couple of months back. Food was generally pretty good. One of the meats was overseasoned, the chicken was memorably bland and overcooked, but you have probably 6 meats to choose from (slice by slice). The 'salad bar' was expansive with non typical salad bar options. They have a Brazilian salsa at the salad bar which is excellent with the red meat. But otherwise it was more side dishes and appetizers than salad parts and pieces. I liked the hot sides they brought to the table. The fried bananas stick out. I must have had 2 plates of them. The service was friendly and capable, but I kept feeling like they wanted to 'sell' to us...not bring forthright with what was included with the meal. I initially thought it was rather expensive ($45 or 50 pp), but if we were to go for steaks we would easily spend more.

    Bottom line, we enjoyed it but won't be frequent visitors.

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      I'd rate Novilhos perhaps slightly lower than ethereal does. I give them credit for having picanha (which I had never seen before at a churrascaria in the U.S.) but I noticed that Ipanema Grill in SEA also has this as its "signature cut." The other cuts of meat I tried were good enough, but not memorable. I felt that Novilhos' salad bar was below what I have seen at other places, featuring a more limited selection of more Italianate or American recipes as opposed to salad items that are more brasillian in inspiration or origin (although to be fair, it is common to see international items like sushi, etc. at high-end places in Brasil). I did like the farinha preperation they had. Granted, my standards for churrascaria are based on places in Brasil, the pinnacle being Poncho Verde in Sao Paolo.

      Ipanema Grill
      1225 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

    2. Took my husband there tonight for his birthday, with a Tippr coupon. We'd never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before--I think every meat eater should do it at least once. It's a pleasant atmosphere, on a weeknight a mix of people, some casual, some dressed for "date night". Big plus with it being in Factoria--a parking lot. I had heard about the upselling, but I didn't feel it was any worse than any other restaurant,. Of course, I was prepared, knowing in advance what was included and what was extra. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Of the sides I didn't think much of the bananas but loved the polenta. The "salad bar" is impressive, though I wished they'd had little cups for the sauces and perhaps small bowls for the black beans. After we'd paid the waiter mentioned their lunch hours and that the meal is half price during lunch. All in all, I have paid more for less. I don't expect we'll go often because we just shouldn't eat like that regularly, but it was fun. It would be a fantastic place to take a teenage boy in the "bottomless pit" stage of development.

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      1. re: Jeri L

        for all who care about such things, drove by ipanema grill on sat. and it is now closed and for lease.

        1. re: bighound

          Bighound, That surprises me. Each time we visited the Ipanema grill it was packed with carnivores in the height of their glory. These are tough times for the restaurant biz.

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            Yeah I noticed that too.

            Surprised they didn't go under sooner, given the poor quality of food they serve.

            1. re: bighound

              I sure hope someone capable of taking advantage of their already-built infrastructure for wood grilling takes that space.

              Paging Tom Douglas - I remember him talking about a taqueria concept with wood-grilled meat and fresh-made tortilla a few years ago. Not sure the numbers would work given rents on that block but who knows - I'd rather that than another generic Brooklyn/Met/Shuckers/McCormick expense-account place.