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Jul 11, 2011 01:18 PM

2 Nights in Bermuda - Staying at Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Wondering if anyone can give me an idea or 2 for dinner.

We're staying at the Hamilton Princess so we'd like to be able to either walk to dinner or take a short taxi ride.

open to cuisine except for sushi.

price not an important. maybe 1 nice option and 1 casual option.

Please help! We leave in 2 weeks!

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  1. These are all within walking distance:

    Little Venice, Bermudiana Road

    Portofino, Bermudiana Road (casual)

    Port O'Call, Front Street

    Bolero, Front Street (casual)

    Ascot's - though may be easier accessing by walking up to Woodbourne rather than hiking up Rosemont Avenue across from the hotel. (fairly casual)

    Harry's is practically next door to you, but I recommend it for either lunch or going early in the evening and sitting outside and having the bar menu - I have not been impressed with dinner service. Lunch and early evening are casual. Best mojitos!

    I'm sure others will jump in.

    1. For Ascot's, I do not recommend walking, there have been a few evening robberies as the area is residential so quiet. It's a very quick cab ride. I'd say that Ascot's is more old world in feeling, I don't consider it casual.

      Harbourfront has very nice views of the water, if you want, their patio outside is very nice as it has a tent over it. It's a quick cab ride as well. Their menu is eclectic, covering a little of everything.

      Agree with assessment on Harry's, the bar menu is much better and more fun. Definitely casual.

      I like Barracuda Grill, I find the food consistently well done but nothing super strange. Steaks and seafood are definitely their forte, never had a bad steak there. Walkable.

      Others I know like Mad Hatter's as well, definitely needs reservations, price point is good and food is consistent. They have an outdoor patio area which is nice in the evening. Again, nothing super crazy on the menu. Be aware that the sides like veggies and starch come out family style instead of plated with your meal. Walkable.

      Portofino and Little Venice are both Italian, I personally don't find the Italian in Bermuda anything to write home about. Portofino is casual, very family oriented. Little Venice is pricey and caters to the business set. If you hanker for Italian, I recently had a pretty good one at Fresco's (in town, walkable).

      1. Barracuda Grill for seafood. It is an inside dining option as are most restaurants in Bermuda, so they do not take advantage of the summer sunsets, etc.
        Bolero, French Bistro, it does have a small balcony (for smokers and others) overlooking Front Street and the food is consistently good. Harry's certainly for a drink and snack late afternoon, early evening.
        For high end hotel dining (only if you can take the Fairmont water taxi) try either the Newport Room in the main hotel or the dockside Waterlot Inn. The former is modern French style cuisine and excellent; the latter a steak house with very good beef. Both located at the Fairmont Southampton. The boat trip back and forth would be a great added bonus.

        1. Portofino is terrible. Over-cooked pasta, sauces taste as if from a jar. Soggy (didn't seem to bother with drying the lettice ) salads. Kinda reminded me of "Italian Day" at my high school cafeteria. Total waste.

          Pickled Onion was pretty good. Nice balcony, cool vibe.

          Wahoo's Waterside in St George was excellent. Great fish tacos.