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Jul 11, 2011 01:14 PM

Dates this weekend - UWS Manhattan

I'm going on a couple of dates on Motzei shabat and Sunday this weekend on the UWS of Manhattan. I'm open in terms of price - any suggestions? I'm especially interested in new quality places.

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  1. If the weather is pleasant on Sunday, pick up some bagels or wraps for brunch from either Bagel Basket or Bagels and Co. for a picnic brunch in Central Park. NoiDue and Mike's Pizzeria can be fun Saturday night date places however, call to see if they are open on Saturday night and be aware as being that neither take reservations there can be a long wait. Otherwise checkout 16 Handles or Rita's Ice for a fun Saturday night activity.

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    1. re: kosherjewishfoodie

      Talia's is likely open Sat pm. As may be PrimeKo.

      1. re: craigcep

        And both are way expensive for first dates IMO. Check the prices first. Also, I personally loathe Talia's and would never send anyone there; among my other unpleasant experiences, the last time I was there on a Saturday night (admittedly about four years ago), they were out of nearly everything on the menu, and served us semi-defrosted hotdog rolls in our breadbasket.

    2. Primekko isn't open on saturday night, but they are open on sunday - i'm partial to picnicing in central park (weather permitting!). show your creativity - pack up a nice lunch, walk around the park.

      1. Simon,

        I went back to look at a thread from over a year ago about this very topic. NoiDue kept coming up at the suggested place.

        On other thread that just dealt with going out, many folks have suggested Mike's Bistro. I don't think anything new has opened up that folks are raving about. Good luck.