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Paris Food Itinerary - July 2011

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Firstly - Thank you for everyone's assistance and postings in these Forums. It has been very helpful for our holiday planning.

We will be in Paris next week from Tuesday afternoon until Sunday morning. Choosing restuarants and making reservations was interesting due to changes in summer schedules and menus etc.

At this point our trip is planned as follows:

Tuesday Dinner - Rino
Wednesday Lunch - Le Dauphin
Wednesday Dinner - Spring
Thursday Dinner - Frenchie
Friday Dinner or Lunch (Aiming for Le Comptoir - No summer res.)
Saturday Dinner - Le Chateaubriand

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Had dinner at Frenchie two weeks ago. It was..............spectacular.
    If the pig's head ior rather the "Tete de cochon with cereri and little pickled mushrooms is on the menu get it--you will not be dissappointed.
    I also had the Stripped bass with tomatoe, beans..yada yada and it was great, My fiance had the boeuf steak and was literally swooning. The Pot au chocolat with rasberries and salted caramel was the best thing I ever tasted--the salty/sweet thing made my eyes roll to the back of my head--I was possessed.
    One word of advice. Take a cab. We always have access to a car when we are in Paris, but since it was so out of the way, we just cabbed it from the Latin Quarter.
    My only dissappointment was that it was slightly noisy--but there were no complaints about the food. The wine was really good too--our server was new though, so the service could have been better, but she was so sweet so that trumped the service.
    One of the best meals I've ever had. Will definitely go back there!

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      Strange, Frenchie is actually quite central, depending on where you are. I myself always walk there and back.

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        Well, since we don't live in Paris, fiance, who grew up there, just thought it best to cab it since he is getting old and forgetful:)

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          a 2-minute walk from the Sentier métro station or the bus stops (two lines) on the rue Réamur or a 5-minute walk from the Réamur-Sébastopol métro (no change from Quartier Latin) or buses on the boulevard Sébastopol (straight run from the Quartier Latin) doesn't seem to make the rue du Nil inaccessible from any other part of Paris

          btw, the new Frenchie bar à vins across the street is superb for a light meal (but only open in evening)

      2. Any feedback besides the travel logistics? :)

        We are staying on Rue de Archives in the 3e so plan on either walking or taking the metro. Praying for some perfect weather next week!

        Also - for Le Comptoir is it better to aim/wait for dinner or lunch service?

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          Still on Frenchie? Food: very good, inventive. Nice urban hip setting. From where you are, it 18 minute walk accodring to Google map.
          Much nearer you is the very nice bistro Robert et Louise.
          And the very good Italier glacier Mary.
          And cafe des Musées is not far.
          You can find detailed and current reviews of them on this board.

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            Re "Le Comptoir" - no difference between Lunch & Dinner menus when they are in "no booking" mode in the summer (or weekends).

            At other times when they run the "booking only" dinner service (weekdays) there is a very big difference, with only half the seats, linen, and a very different fixed five course menu (but bookings are months in advance unless you stay in the hotel). Both services are good, although the real reputation is based on the set dinner menu (I also hadn't picked up Yves is one of the French Masterchef judges - how was it?).