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Mar 11, 2006 02:02 PM

russian food...

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which places would people recommend that serves good russian food?

someone recommended us to some Russian Jewish restaurant in LA but we couldnt find any information on it at was called "cristal" (not sure if thats spelled right since they told us the name verbally) but if anyone has heard of it...would love to know :)

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  1. Yeah its located on the corner of santa monica blvd and fairfax, in west hollywood area, this place is more of a banquet style so be sure to call in advance if you want to just drop in for dinner,

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      ohhh do you have the exact name of the place since i couldnt find any information about it at all...


    2. I've been to Uzbekistan on La Brea and Sunset and liked it. Traktir at 8151 Santa Monica Blvd. gets some good reviews for food and not service, don't know as haven't been.
      Here's a link to most of the Russian restaurants in L.A.

      1. I'm glad I found this string. A Russian gal who worked at the RiteAid in Westwood mentioned Crystal, but I noticed Traktir somewhere in the Los Angeles magazine. I would like to find a Russian restuarant as good as Warszawa is for Polish food.

        1. I went to Red Square (sherman oaks or encino on ventura blvd) a few weeks ago -- recommended by my DD's preschool teacher (who is russian) -- and I think it was good russian food (a bit fancier than I had in russia though - on a student's budget). we had blinys (duck with plum sauce) and dumplings filled with potatoes that you dipped in sour cream, and "samsa" -- pastry filled with meat (an Uzbek dish). The restaurant also had ox-tail (stew, I think), some Uzbek dishes (plov), and borcht (yummy, served hot) ...
          it was good, but not cheap. All our leftovers were eagerly eaten by friends of ours who had spent a summer doing research in siberia.