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Roasted beets question

I'm following a recipe for roasted beets, which I've never made before, and there's something I don't understand. It says to leave the skin on when roasting. Well, then what? Does one eat the skin when the beets are done, or do the beets need to be peeled?

Also, the recipe says to roast for 10-20 minutes, at which time the beets should be easily pierced by a fork. It's now more than 20 minutes, and the beets are still very hard. Does that sound right?


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  1. 20 minutes is not a lot, so let them go. What's the temp. of your oven?
    Keep going until they are cooked through, then let then cook and peel skin with a peeler or knife. You might want to don gloves if you have them.
    I coat my beets in evoo, salt and pepper and wrap in foil to roast.
    Yours should turn out fine!

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      Thanks for the quick reply, monavano.

      Oven is at 400. The timer just rang for 20 minutes, total, and some are done and some are still too firm. So, I put the hard ones back for 8 minutes. I used evoo, salt and pepper, even though, oddly, the recipe didn't call for any seasoning--just oil. I will remember to wrap in foil for the future.

      Is the skin edible, BTW?

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        The skin is not edible, just discard. The greens are quite good however.

    2. Keep roasting until the beets can be easily pierced by a fork, like the recipe says - this is a better test of 'doneness'than time. It's been a while since I ccoked beets, but I think I usually roasted them for about 45minutes (I agree, a bit of olive oil/salt/pepper and wrap in foil is the easiest way to go.)Once they're cooked, let them cool, then just use your fingers to slide the peels off and a kinfe to slice off the stem and root ends. Yes, your fingers will turn red, but it washes off pretty easily.

      1. It usually takes me 50 to 60 minutes at 425 to roast 3 to 4 beets that are roughly 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter.

        When they cool, it's very easy, but a little messy, to just pull the skin off.

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          It also takes mine about 45-50 minutes at 425 to get tender, and that's wrapped in foil. I don't put oil, salt or pepper in the foil packet. They would just come off with the skin. And I find it's easiest to get the skin off if you rub it with a paper towel. It comes right off.

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            at least 40 minutes at 400 degrees wrapped in foil, i use evoo and sea salt - cool and the skin comes off easily - the idea is that you retain more juiciness and nutrition by roasting with skin. size of the beets makes a difference and i do find the golden beets tend to cook a little quicker.

        2. I make roasted beets all the time, either in the oven or in foil on the grill. I cut them in 1" chunks, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for about 30-40 minutes. I don't peel them and just eat the skins, it is not unpleasant and barely noticeable. I know you are roasting them whole, so maybe you want to peel them, but I'm just sayin' that I don't peel them.

          1. They're easiest to peel while they're still warm. If you have some clean rags or old dish towels around, use them to slip the peels off the beets -- they come away more cleanly and easily than with fingers alone. Enjoy!

            1. You can peel before or after; peeling first is a little less messy, I think.

              20 minutes seems *way* too short for whole beets; you might finish them in 25 minutes or so if you dice them into cubes as others have suggested.

              1. Beets are one thing I use my toaster oven for. Set at 425* for 40 min. Wrap beets in foil. Toss in oven and walk away. Pull and when cool peel. You can peel under running water if you want as it makes the job less messy. I know many would want to avoid any excess water on their beets.

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                  We never peel ours and they are always tasty.

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                    we peel if very large and eat skin otherwise. But if you want to peel the skin comes off very easily when cooked.

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                      Thanks, everyone. The beets came out great. Very tasty. Will definitely make them again. Mostly ate the skin. It wasn't tough at all and tasted fine. I was concerned it might be poisonous or indigestible, but since other people posted that they eat it, it must be okay.