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Jul 11, 2011 11:21 AM

ISO High-gluten flour in Montreal

I'm planning to try the cook's illustrated recipe for bagels and it calls for high-gluten flour. I haven't been able to find it at any grocery stores I've visited. Does anyone know of a store where I can get this, preferably in the westmount/ndg area?

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  1. You can find Robin Hood bread flour in almost any supermarket. Other places will carry brands like La Milanaise or Moulin Abenakis. For bagels, I'm sure Robin Hood will do the job.

    1. Canadian flour is generally higher in gluten than American ones. I don't recall exactly where I read this, may have been on freshloaf, they said that American Recipes that call for high gluten flour can be replaced by Canadian flour. The other option is to purchase wheat gluten separately and add it to your flour. Bob's Red Mill makes it.

      1. St-Viateur uses Robin Hood Super Keynote. It's got 13g of proteins per 100g. Just about the same as the retail Robin Hood best for bread homestyle white for what it's worth.

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          thanks, I'll give Canadian bread flour a try and see how it goes!

        2. Hi! Might be a bit late but created an account just for this ;)

          Bulk barn sells high gluten flour (72% protein) which can be added to your favorite flour to boost the gluten content.

          Hope this helps! :D