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Jul 11, 2011 11:20 AM

BT's smokhouse in Sturbridge...Wow.

Based on some buzz on this board and lamenting the lack of real BBQ in Boston, I tried BT's on Main Street in Sturbridge on Friday. It's the best BBQ I've had in New England. It is a good sign to see a couple of big smokers as you enter the parking lot. I ordered the two meat plate ($13) with whole pork spareribs, brisket and sides of collards and black beans. The ribs were delicious, nice bark and smoke ring. The dry rub is a little salty for me but the meat was perfect, redolent of smoke and TLC. They were comparable to the ribs at departed Holy Smokes in Hatfield. The brisket was a revelation...tender, smoky with a layer of blackened scrumptious fat on one side. It's the best brisket I've had outside of Kreuz' market (Lockhart TX). Collards were great flavored with house smoked bacon but beans were a little hard and not up to the quality of the rest of the meal. Sauces are interesting and house made and the hot sauce is actually blistering. Portions are large and took half back to my motel for dinner and ordered a rack of ribs as a gift. The owner Brian has serious cooking chops and is friendly as heck. The next time I hit Exit 9 traffic, I'll be back to pick clean a few bones.

Main Street Cafe
345 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly about the meats and beans. Try the cheesy grits next time.

    1. I liked BTs both times I've been there. It's hard - nearly impossible - to find good brisket outside of TX (other than from my pit!) but they pulled it off. VERY good brisket, sides were good, but a little heavy, sauces are excellent. I definitely recommend it to people craving AUTHENTIC smoked brisket. I haven't tried anything else there, yet, but I'm planning to soon...

      1. I totally agree..........we make a point of stopping there when we are on our way back from Boston to CT. The brisket is pretty close to what they have in Lockhart......Great stuff. Mac and Cheese is made to order also