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Jul 11, 2011 11:02 AM

alternatives to 9X13 pyrex dish (lasagna size)

I am making spanakopita in that size dish - but only own one - and need to make 3 - would you think that I could make this in the disposable foil pans?

Also - same size pan needed for Galaktoboureko recipe - can this be made in those disposable pans? I am thinking that I need to find ones that are shallower rather than higher.

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  1. Cookie sheets would be my choice for cooking spanikopita. Why are you using lasagna pans?

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      It is a deep pie - meant to cut into pieces.

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        Now I understand. I have always made them as small, crispy triangles that are bite-size appetizers. The hardest part about using disposable pans is they flex and they cook "hot."

      1. re: escondido123

        i made the deep spanakopita lasagna pie - it was excellent tasting - but cutting it into neat squares for this function I am afraid will be difficult - so I am thinking of using the filling to make individual triangles - but am concerned about if that is difficult to do. I need to make these for this Saturday for a function of about 120 people.

        edit - also the issue with needing 3 of those pyrex pans - and I only have one.

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          I make phyllo triangles regularly with various filling. Obviously making triangles will be A LOT more time consuming than making layers. I feel exhausted after making enough triangles to serve 12, let alone 120!! Yesterday I was watching DDD and saw the chef cut the whole pie into pieces before baking, that should help with creating neat pieces.