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Duck confit with grilled artichoke hearts- help me finish this dish

I was thinking about serving it over pasta, but am not totally sold on the idea.

What else to make this dish superb. Please help.

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  1. Quinoa?
    Couscous (I know it's pasta.)?
    Arborio rice?
    Garlic mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream instead of milk?

    1. You had me a duck confit. I guess my brain follows your pasta theme...my first instinct was that the duck and artichoke would make an awesome ravioli filling with a brown butter and sage butter to totally make it over the top. Not very light and summery though...

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        I love the ravioli idea. I also think the duck and artichokes would be delicious on a pizza of sorts, although I'm not sure what type of sauce you'd want to use - perhaps a light bechamel with a touch of fontina cheese and roasted garlic?

      2. How about with home made fried potatoes
        or asian style fried noodles

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          I agree - potatoes fried in duck fat!

        2. Well, the potatoes in duck fat with persillade (pommes à la sarladaise) would be one of the classics to go with the confit, but if there's any vegetable component, it's generally been a frisée salad and not artichoke.

          Is the confit to stay on the bone? Are the hearts grilled whole? I was thinking more sandwich with some lightly pickled red onions.

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            The only two constants here would be the artichokes, which are quartered and grilled, and the duck. I love duck confit and the 2 match well, so that's why I thought of confit and artichokes. The confit could either be off the bone or on it, nothing's been decided yet.

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              The artichoke is really throwing me; all I keep thinking of is salad and sandwiches. I guess you could make a taco as well, but that's just another type of sandwich. I'm really drawing a blank on how to actually plate this.

          2. I'm thinking a bed of wilted greens with a good dash of nutmeg stirred in.

            1. Isreali cous cous with dried apricots (or insert other dried fruit here).

              1. You could do a little white bean summer salad - with the duck confit, it would subtly evoke a cassoulet. Mix white beans with some halved grape tomatoes, a little bit of diced onion, a bit of cucumber, and some fresh herbs, maybe a touch of cumin, salt of course. Dress lightly with a homemade vinaigrette - even one using the duck fat if you don't otherwise plan on saving it.

                Artichoke should fit right in flavorwise.

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                    Hmm, I'm kind of liking that idea- what type of vinaigrette would you use with it? I don't want to over power the duck and artichokes, but some acid would definitely help to cut the fat/richness.

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                      Probably something pretty simple. The trick to not overwhelming the rest of the dish will have more to do with not overdressing the bean salad than it will with exactly how you make the dressing, though I probably wouldn't recommend a super high ratio of vinegar to oil.

                      You have some wiggle room, but what I'd do off the top of my head:

                      1/2 cup olive oil

                      1/4 cup part sherry vinegar

                      clove of roasted garlic, mashed to a paste

                      tablespoon fresh thyme

                      teaspoon honey

                      salt to taste

                      The amount is arbitrary (I just included measurements to give you an idea of the ratios) - I don't know how many people you're feeding, but just make as much as you need and add it in little bits to the bean salad to coat, being careful not to overdress. The thyme and the garlic are sticking with the cassoulet theme. Honey is because duck seems to do well with a little sweet note. Don't be shy about modifying to your preferences.