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Jul 11, 2011 10:56 AM

Duck confit with grilled artichoke hearts- help me finish this dish

I was thinking about serving it over pasta, but am not totally sold on the idea.

What else to make this dish superb. Please help.

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  1. Quinoa?
    Couscous (I know it's pasta.)?
    Arborio rice?
    Garlic mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream instead of milk?

    1. You had me a duck confit. I guess my brain follows your pasta first instinct was that the duck and artichoke would make an awesome ravioli filling with a brown butter and sage butter to totally make it over the top. Not very light and summery though...

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      1. re: vstock

        I love the ravioli idea. I also think the duck and artichokes would be delicious on a pizza of sorts, although I'm not sure what type of sauce you'd want to use - perhaps a light bechamel with a touch of fontina cheese and roasted garlic?

      2. How about with home made fried potatoes
        or asian style fried noodles

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        1. re: ROCKLES

          I agree - potatoes fried in duck fat!

        2. Well, the potatoes in duck fat with persillade (pommes à la sarladaise) would be one of the classics to go with the confit, but if there's any vegetable component, it's generally been a frisée salad and not artichoke.

          Is the confit to stay on the bone? Are the hearts grilled whole? I was thinking more sandwich with some lightly pickled red onions.

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          1. re: wattacetti

            The only two constants here would be the artichokes, which are quartered and grilled, and the duck. I love duck confit and the 2 match well, so that's why I thought of confit and artichokes. The confit could either be off the bone or on it, nothing's been decided yet.

            1. re: jameshig

              The artichoke is really throwing me; all I keep thinking of is salad and sandwiches. I guess you could make a taco as well, but that's just another type of sandwich. I'm really drawing a blank on how to actually plate this.

          2. I'm thinking a bed of wilted greens with a good dash of nutmeg stirred in.