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Jul 11, 2011 10:46 AM

farmers market in cary, nc

I'm going to be in Cary this weekend and would like to find a good farmers market. I'm mostly interested in fresh produce, but if they have local cheeses and meats, or even some prepared foods, that would be icing on the cake! I see there's one in Chatham Square and the Western Wake farmers market. Can anyone comment on these, or others in the nearby area around Raleigh?

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  1. The one at Chatham square is pretty small. Western Wake is a little better. Drive the extra ten minutes to the big State Farmer's Market off Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh.

    Farmer's Market Cafe
    63 Chattahoochee St, Helen, GA 30545

    1. The Western Wake Farmers Market is small and has produce, cheese, meat, NC seafood, baked goods & live music. For the best produce selection go east to the State Farmers Mkt.

      I haven't been to the Carrboro Mkt this year, But they have very strict rules on LOCAL: everything sold there is from the producer who must be from less than 50 miles away.

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        It has taken me while to get back to this board - thanks for the replies!