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Looking for food guide/translator in Hong Kong and Shangai

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Does anyone know of someone available for these kinds of services in Shanghai and Hong Kong who knows the local restaurant scene well?

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  1. It sould of course be Shanghai or Hong Kong. It doesn't have to be someone knowing both places.

    1. If you're still looking, I'm available in Shanghai. I'm a journalist and travel writer who also does food, history and cultural tours. My writing site is www.movius.us, and I can be reached at shanghai.lisa (at) gmail.

      I also know a good food writer and guide in Hong Kong, realtravelhongkong.com.

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        Thank you for this information. I will contact you.

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          To tack on to this thread, any recommendations in Beijing?

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          Second the recommend on both ShanghaiLisa and Little Adventures in Hong Kong (www.realtravelhongkong.com). The latter is run by Daisann McLane, a National Geo Traveler columnist living in Hong Kong.