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Jul 11, 2011 10:06 AM

CH Recommendations for Hingham?

Going to be in Hingham for a few days - any recommended places to dine?

Any recommendations from brunch, pub food, fine dining, or just drinks welcome.

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  1. We have had several very good meals at the Square Cafe in Hingham. It gets busy on the weekends so reserve.

    1. I like the Snug. It's a small Irish pub, good sandwiches, steak tips.

      1. I agree with Peg, the Snug is good for pub food. The Square Cafe is very good, as is Tosca. Just up the road a piece in Hull, is a very fine restaurant called Sapporito's Florence Club Cafe. I highly recommend this place. May need reservations. Hingham Lobster Pound for fried clams and lobster rolls. Then in South Hingham, a decent place is Scarlett Oak Tavern. Better for lunch than dinner, but pretty good.

        Hingham Lobster Pound
        4 Broad Cove Rd, Hingham, MA 02043

        1. Not a restaurant(perfect for a picnic!), but check out the great food offered at Bloomy Rind in downtown Hingham by the movie theater--Great stuff and wonderful service!

          1. Agree that Square Cafe and Tosca are great for nice dinners. Both are often on our short list of date night choices. For good food and a more casual atmosphere there are two spots right across the street from Tosca- Cafe Tosca and Stars. Stars is really fun and funky- always a great meal and interesting appetizers/ specials.

            Saporitos and Bridgeman's are both really worth the short drive to Hull-right off Nantasket Beach for wonderful fine dining. Saporitos is especially wonderful. Jake's Seafood (also in Hull just off the beach) is consistently good- though much more of a casual, family type restaurant with a small fish market inside as well.

            I have found the Hingham Lobster Pound to be very greasy and there is virtually no place to sit- much better as a take-out option- though it is not on our list of 'go to' places in Hingham.

            Have had some good meals/drinks in a couple places in the new Hingham Shipyard area. If you are into beer- Hingham Beer works has a wide variety of house brewed beers my husband/son have enjoyed-can't verify as I don't drink beer. Have had a couple nice (but pricey) dinners at Alma Nove there in the same area.

            Have fun!

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              Concur wholeheartedly with all of these recs except Stars which was vile the one time I tried it but since it was only once and dlmom seems to have gone more often perhaps I just hit an off-day. You mentioned brunch -- Square Cafe has a good one and it's a bit of a drive but Arthur and Pat's in Marshfield is outstanding for breakfast/brunch. Stay away from Atlantica in Cohasset which has great views as the ONLY thing going for it. For picnics, 5 South Main in Cohasset village has fabulous (huge) sandwiches and baked goods. Also, I cannot say enough about the quality/reliability of the seafood at Jake's. It is nothing fancy but you are not going to find fresher seafood anywhere and the service is always excellent as well.