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Jul 11, 2011 09:16 AM

Restos Near Little Compton RI

Driving to Little Compton for a couple of days at the beach. Any recommendations for good local restos or food stands? Seafood, hot dogs, whatever else is good, local.

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  1. The Boat House In Tiverton is nice, good food, location on the water.
    Evelyns a old fashion drive in with the dogs, clams, burgers.
    The Barn for breakfast, Back Eddy dinner.

    Back Eddy
    1 Bridge Rd, Westport, MA 02790

    1. There ain't a lot in Little Compton (a zoning thing). But I second the Boat House and Evelyn's, both in Tiverton.

      Provender for a nice lunch or take out sandwiches (at Tiverton Four Corners)
      Gray's Ice Cream (across the street)
      Milk + Honey cheese shop for some take home cheese (also Four Corners)
      Nonni's - italian - Tiverton

      Westport is close to LC and Fall River is a short drive. Good Portuguese in Fall River (try Caravela's or Estoril) and New Bedford.

      The Liberal Club in Fall River is a no-nonsense family style place that serves mounds of fresh seafood for super cheap. Be warned: no credit cards and they have a very quirky antiquated system of getting your drinks vs food from (and paying for) via diff waitresses.

      Persimmon in Bristol gets rave reviews but I've not been. Im sure others here will suggest it.

      1577 Pleasant St, Fall River, MA 02723

      1. Any updates on this thread? We are staying in Little Compton for the long weekend (going to the Newport Folk Festival) and would love to go out for one nice dinner. Prefer not to go into Newport but will travel. Also any new foodie tips appreciated.

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          pretty much hasnt changed,but i would push bristol alittle more,persimmon,de wolf tavern,trafford in warren is pretty great too.the east bay area is right there for you to explore.....