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Jul 11, 2011 09:08 AM

Looking for Masterstock Chicken on noodles - Vietnamese or Chinese

Really wanting to try this chicken dish. It is said that the masterstock used to slowcook the chicken is often decades old. In Asia families pass down the stock through generations and retiring chefs sell there stock for tens of thousands of dollars. Romancing the food aside it looks so tasty. Episode 60 of Masterchef Australia featured it and my mouth is watering.

Is anyone in Toronto doing this?

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  1. This is the first time I've heard about this' masterstock'!

    In Swatow ( Chui Chow ) and Cantonese cuisine, very often chefs use an aged 'herbed premium soys sauce' that improve with age ( not unlike fine wine ) to poach and marinate meats and offals. I have come across such marinate in Hong Kong that is 40-50 years old. But stock??!! Must be Vietnamese?!

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      This 'master stock' refers simply to the liquid in which they cook 'soy sauce chicken'. Restaurants and family cooks will keep this liquid and reuse it, adding additional soy sauce and seasonings as necessary. I keep mine in the freezer because I don't cook this dish on a daily basis, but restaurants will use this stock over and over again for decades and even generations, as tearingmonkey said. And it's true that it improves the longer you use it. I accidentally threw my original master stock out when I was cleaning out my freezer and almost cried about it later when I discovered what I had done!

      1. re: Chocolatemama

        So basically its almost the same as the 'Lo Shui' that I refered to above in either Chui Chow or Cantonese cooking. The 'house special' , 'commercial' version used by famed restaurant like 'Joy Hing' in Hong Kong was left in their original pot for years and were never frozen since they have to be reused everyday any ways!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Yes, it probably is. I have heard that there have been cases where restaurants have sold their master stocks for thousands of dollars when they closed up shop!