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Jul 11, 2011 08:38 AM

Special menu chowdown at Golden Dragon in Rocklin

Seven eager chowhounds got together on Saturday evening at Golden Dragon in Rocklin, California for a highly anticipated chowdown. We were fortunate to have with us a Chinese culinary enthusiast who arranged a special menu of unusual dishes for our dining pleasure with the owner and chef at Golden Dragon. And it turned out to be a spectacular evening.

The special dinner included:
1. Fish Fillet Soup with Pickled Mustard Greens
2. Dry Braised Pork Intestines
3. Garlic Stir Fry Bok Choy
4. Tea Smoked Duck
5. Whole Flounder in Bean Sauce
6. Salt and Pepper Squid (done as a special; not from the restaurant menu)
7. Lion Head Pork Meatballs (done as a special; not from the restaurant menu)
8. Thin Sliced Pork Belly with Brown Sauce (done as a special; not from the restaurant menu)

We also had a special dessert that our Chinese friend brought to share with us and the kitchen - pineapple custard stuffed cream puffs. Plus one couple brought a bottle of excellent Riesling which perfectly matched the dishes. General consensus was that this meal was favorably comparable to what you could get in a good San Francisco area Chinese restaurant. The portion sizes and number of dishes selected were perfect - everyone was pleasantly full, but not stuffed, and every dish was excellent. About half thought the duck was the best dish, while others thought the Pork Intestines or the Pork Belly were their favorite. My conclusion was that whichever dish you tasted last was what you remembered best; they were all so good.

I've eaten Chinese food in a lot of places around the U. S., and even in Hong Kong, but I can't remember a better Chinese dinner anywhere. Special thanks go to our Chinese friend who worked with the restaurant to select the menu. In case you're wondering, the total cost was $25 person, including a generous tip.

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  1. Thanks for reporting back, I knew you'd be in good hands with Lambert. Now I need to get up there and see how everything compares with our Chef Liu down here in Fresno.



    1. It was a long drive for dinner but well worth it. There is no authentic Chinese food in Reno/Tahoe so this was really a special event for us. Duck was our favorite dish but I concur with Bill that every dish was absolutely delicious, including the dessert. Our Chinese friend did an amazing job putting this menu together. I would never have found Golden Dragon on my own and probably wouldn't have even thought twice about it with a strip mall location in Rocklin. However, we occasionally head to Roseville for things we can't find in Reno and this is a place we will be stopping at again after building up an appetite from the exhaustive shopping. While in the area, I discovered Corti Bros. in Sacramento, my new favorite grocer. I sure wish they would open a satellite in Reno.

      1. I finally tried Golden Dragon and I was impressed. I was headed back from wine country and stopped by for lunch. I gave Yimster a call and asked for suggestions. They had tea-smoked duck and it was excellent. The smoke from the burned tea leaves added lots of flavor. I also got spicy beef ligament. Golden Dragon is a notch above even the better Chinese restaurants.

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          It's great, isn't it? And now you have leftovers to remember just how good.

          1. re: c oliver

            When is the next Chowdown planned?
            I am sitting here drooling over the photos and wonder how I did not know about this happening.

            1. re: marion l.

              I'm not part of this group mostly from Reno, I believe. Just love Golden Dragon. If you haven't been, you really should. And make sure you get the "special" pink menu.