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Jul 11, 2011 08:30 AM

Lobster rolls -- hot with butter, or cold with mayo?

I've only had the cold, lobster-salad type (and not in Maine, so I'm sure not as good), but am thinking hot with just butter and a grilled bun sounds even better. Which way is the way most do it in Maine? And who has your favorite version? I'm going to be around in October, so I think I may miss out on some good places because they will be closed for the season. Sadness.

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  1. I prefer the hot ones with butter. :) Still, the cold ones light on the mayo are very nice as well. Better yet, BOTH! NOW! NOM NOM NOM! ;)

    I'm not sure which shops are open in the off season, though. I usually go either right before Memorial Day or right after Labor Day for my lobstah fix.

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      Mostly we see cold with mayo. You might find some good places open on Columbus Day weekend. I recently had a lobster roll at Mike's Clam Shack on Rt 1 in Wells but it didn't seem to taste as good as the one I had there last year.

      This weekend I thought the lobster roll we had at an inland NH drive in type place was very fresh tasting but on our previous visit it seems definitely vacuum packed type lobster.

      Mike's Clam Shack
      RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

    2. or you could consider Red's--cold lobster with hot butter.

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        That sounds good! I wonder if they are open the first week in Oct?

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          Red's usually closes around Columbus Day or shortly thereafter.

      2. I've never had a hot-buttered lobster roll but wouldn't you have to eat it really quickly? Seems like hot dripping butter would soggify the sandwich roll pretty quickly and cause a mess.

        Cold lobster in a hot grilled bun sounds best to me.

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          I think the butter is on the side, and you can dip or pour a bit at at time.

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            The roll is toasted, so it's got some structure. They don't pour a gallon of butter on it, just enough. It soaks into the roll some and the whole thing is just delightful. :)

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              You'd eat that tasty sandwich so fast it wouldn't have time to get soggy!!!

              I'm from CT and it's the only way I like them, when I eat a whole lobster it's with butter, so why not the lobster roll? The rolls are generally toasted, the lobster sauteed in butter first, so it's not terribly messy or drippy. But there is a fair amount of grease, of course!

              Here's the Serious Eats top Lobster Rolls in the Northeast list:

            2. I'm off to find one of each to try side by side!

              1. Generally, the hot butter rolls are common in Connecticut, in Mass & Vacation Land is mayo. Red's will be open, but ask around closer to the date to see which are indeed open.

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                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  I emailed Red's and they are open until Columbus Day. Looking forward to it!