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Jul 11, 2011 07:56 AM

Have budget for just one fine dining meal - OOB to Bar Harbor. Picky eater on board. Please help.

We will be Maine for a week the first of October. Staying 2 nights each in Old Orchard Beach, Camden, and Bar Harbor. I'd like to have at least one really nice meal while on this trip, and would love to hear what you would recommend. I'd like to see pricing at entrees of $40 or less. I have a picky eater with me, so I'm concerned about trying some of the places I see recommended on here because their menu changes every day, and we'd need to know ahead of time if there are foods my companion would eat. As for me -- I'll try anything, so as long as there is a steak, burger, or chicken on the menu, the sky's the limit for everything else.

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  1. Primo. Rockland, Maine.

    Fits in well with your stay in Camden.

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    1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

      Can you order from the bar menu in the dining room of Primo? That burger and fries would suit him fine. As for the rest of Primo -- what dish(es) do you personally recommend? They all look fabulous.

      1. re: MissLori

        I think I misunderstood the "picky eater" comment. I was thinking you meant someone who's hard to please (i.e. very "discerning"). Sounds like you mean somebody who doesn't like "fine dining" (i.e. "high falutin").

        I don't think you can order from the bar/antipasti menu in the dining room. But honestly, the vibe upstairs is MUCH better anyway...and you don't need a reservation.
        It's hard to go wrong with any item. For entrees, the pork saltimbocca is excellent, as are all the pasta dishes. I like to order alot of "small plates" off the antipasti the tuscan pork ribs, arrancinis, seasonal stuff like the deep fried fiddleheads, etc. Last time there I sampled the "shrimp and polenta"...sort of like shimp and grits except with, you guessed it, polenta. It was soooo tasty.

        It's been awhile, but the pizzas are always good too. Thurs and Sundays are $1 oyster nights.

        1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

          No...he's picky meaning he doesn't like many foods. He has no problem with fine dining, but there aren't a lot of dishes he'll eat because he doesn't like many foods including most vegetables, seafood, or mushrooms. So...maybe we will eat in the bar at Primo because the food looks delicious to me and I know he'd like the burger.

    2. Of your 3 areas Camden/Rockland gives best options. Primo, Rockland already mentioned. In Camden proper consider Francine's.

      If while in OOB you can make it up to Portland for evening that opens up a lot of fine dining options.