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Jul 11, 2011 07:40 AM

Broken fridge-what can I keep

My fridge has been on the fritz for about 24 hrs now. So far the everything in the freezer is still solid, with the exception of breads. I know I need to throw out leftovers and such. But what about all of my condiments. Mayo I need to throw out for sure. But what about ketchup, and all of my asian condiments ie. fish and oyster sauce, various chile sauces and paste. How about yogurt? Such a pain in the neck! Thanks.

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  1. Here's an old thread on mayo:

    It's surprising how many things DON'T need refrigeration.

    1. A majority of the condiments are okay without refrigeration, especially for a day or two. Also, it sounds like your fridge is still on the cool side and not becoming a hot box.

      Mayo, ketchup, chili sauce are vinegared so you should be fine.
      Fish, oyster, soy sauce and other assorted paste are heavily salted so that discourages bacterial growth.

      Even though you can leave that stuff unrefrigerated without problems, it comes down to your comfort level. If you're going to be anxious and afraid of using that stuff, maybe it's best to toss it and buy new. It comes down to peace of mind.

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        Thanks davec, that is wise advise. Since it's summer and I don't use a lot of those condiments anyway, maybe it's time to get rid of them. Just for the peace of mind! The fridge has been fixed but taking a long time to cool down. I already threw out a lot of stuff. Still have a question about refridgerated(unopened) orange juice(Tropicana, Simply Juice). Also Fage yogurt. And cottage cheese. I guess the sniff test should work with the dairy products. Thanks for the advice dave c and bobcam.