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Annapurna - New Indian Restaurant in New Hope

I read about this new restaurant in our local newspaper (I'm in NJ). Has anyone been? I can't find much about it on the web, probably because it's so new.

Annapurna is apparently owned and operated by the same people who own Marhaba, the Middle Eastern restaurant across the river in Lambertville.



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  1. This is my new favorite restaurant, the food is delicious, fresh, clean. It would be a great place to go with a large party, because everyone could try something, and pass it around, then go downstairs to the hooka bar and sit on the river. The restaurant is in the back of the 4 seasons mall, in New Hope. I really have only been for lunch, which is the same menu and prices as for dinner. ****

    1. I'd like to try it, but I wish they had some lunch specials because the prices are a bit steep for lunch (I work in the area). Especially with Indian Garden in Yardley being much more reasonably priced and very delicious.

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        Looks like they are only open for lunch on Fridays and weekends during the summer. Maybe that will change after labor day. I agree with you about the pricing. It feels comparable to the pricing to Cross Culture in Doylestown which I have always felt was over priced for the type and quality of food being served.

        I would say it is very nice to see the number of fish dishes on this menu. That isnt as common as one would wish at Indian restaurants, but not suprising given that most indian restaurants in this area are Northern Indian or really Pakistani restaurants.

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          Speaking of Cross Culture, looks like they are opening a location in Lambertville, where Buho's used to be. I love Indian food and I wish I didn't have to complain about prices, but when there are other good options available in the area that cost less, I can't help it! Their rent is probably high though.

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            How ironic that the owners of Marhaba would open an Indian restaurant in New Hope only to have someone else open one in their back yard! The new Cross Culture will be the fourth or fifth Indian restaurant to open up recently within easy driving distance (for me).

      2. Save your money...I ordered the Lamb Kofta(takeout), and was given three small lamb meat balls for $16.00! I actually had to add some leftover chicken I had in the fridge to the extra sauce to get a decent meal. It was barely an appetizer...probably around 1/8 pound of lamb total. Never again will I dine here. The food was very good, but the portion size is RIDICULOUSLY small for the money.

        1. I was hungry in New Hope last week and finally got to try Annapurna for dinner. All I can say is (1) either the chef was AWOL and someone totally unfamiliar with Indian cuisine had taken over the kitchen, or (2) this is the worst Indian restaurant I've ever been to.

          I started with the vegetable samosa, filled with potatoes and peas, and could tell immediately that it had been around for a while. While it was hot (microwaved?), it was remarkably dry and chewy. Even the two chutneys that accompanied the samosa could not rescue this unappetizing dish.

          Having read a review that said the "chunks of lamb melt on the tongue" I ordered lamb korma for my main course. It too seemed to have been sitting somewhere since the dawn of time. The lamb was tough and chewy, with remarkably little flavor. It did not exactly melt on the tongue but the cream sauce helped it go down! The huge bowl of rice that accompanied the dish was fairly good but I was put off by the fact that there was way too much rice in the bowl, with the result that quite a bit spilled over on to the table when it was placed in front of me.

          Service was acceptable but nothing special. The one server seemed disinterested the whole time I was there but was somewhat apologetic when I told her that I had been looking forward to eating at Annapurna and was hugely disappointed.

          During my entire time in the restaurant, there were only two other diners. Other restaurants in the same part of town seemed to be doing fairly well for a week night so perhaps the word is out that "it's all fresh and cooked to order at Annapurna Indian Restaurant in New Hope" is simply not true (another quote from the review which I have just thrown away).

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            Have to agree worst Indian food I have eaten. I orderd the 2 person vegetable appetizers that included 1 greasy samosa that we had to share and 6 onion type Baja and 1 aloo tika.
            Entree we orderd lamb rojan Josh. Tasted more like a lamb stew very bland. Also orderd the chicken tika masala for my wife who said it tasted more like tomato soup I had to agree. The chicken biriyani was also tasteless. I have to say I have eaten in a vast number of Indian restaurants and this does not come close to any. Price was also a little high

          2. This was the worst Indian food I've ever had in my life. The naan was doughy and undercooked, the fish was seriously overcooked, the pakora was soft and rubbery, nothing was seasoned properly. I have had better food on Air India. Oh, and the rice was disgusting. I can't understand how they could ruin plain rice. It is absolutely shameful how much they are charging for this disgusting "food."

            1. I take every nice thing I said about this restaurant back, returned about 4 times and it was rapidly going downhill but the last time will be the last time, disgusting, the rice was so gummy and tastless, my hot tea was cold,

              1. Whatever became of the Cross Culture restaurant that was supposed to open in Lambertville? (See sadiefox's post above).

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                  I think they are open. Someone I know said they have eaten there. I like Cross Culture in Doylestown, so we will probably go to this one too.

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                    Cross Culture is open in Lambertville! I stopped by today to pick up a menu and will try it soon for lunch. I am happy to see they have lunch specials for around $10. I won't be trying it for dinner anytime soon because the prices are a lot higher than my favorite local Indian restaurant.

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                      What's your favorite local Indian restaurant?

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                        Indian Garden in Yardley. I mentioned it in a post above but didn't want to get OT or be redundant :-) Food is always delicious, great service, pleasant atmosphere, BYOB and very very reasonable prices.

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                        Thanks Sadiefox. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in Lambertville. For those taking notes, there's also a Cross Culture restaurant in Princeton.


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                          Ambrose, I became aware of that restaurant the other day. Do you know if its the same owners?

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                            I have assumed that all the Cross Culture restaurants are owned by the same people. However, when I started to look on the web, I became very confused. The only web site I could find was for the Princeton restaurant.

                            So.....I resorted to that primitive technology, i.e. the telephone, and phoned the Doylestown location. The answer is yes, all restaurants have the same owner(s) and all have the same menus. The web site for the Doylestown location is currently down for maintenance and the one for the Lambertville restaurant isn't up yet. I think the fourth Cross Culture is in Haddonfield but didn't really check this out.

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                              All three restaurants are owned by the same people. I know the Doylestown restaurant is good, and I've heard good things about the Lambertville location too.