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Jul 11, 2011 06:10 AM

DC area wheelchair accessible dinner for 4 tomorrow?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a place to take an old friend, his wife, and my boyfriend to dinner tomorrow night. The friend is a rehabilitating vet who was very seriously injured in combat and uses a wheelchair. I'd like to find a place that a) obviously, is accessible, but also b) has a welcoming vibe and is maybe more used to military folks with injuries coming in. Basically, I want him to feel comfortable and not like he's on display. A table a bit out of the way of the main dining room would be ideal.

As far as the food itself goes, it's less important- I would say on the inexpensive side (~15 for entrees) and I think any type would be fine; we're pretty adventurous eaters. The one consideration there is that some things on the menu should be easily eaten with one hand- no burrito or bbq joints.

(For some context, we considered Meridian Pint, but are worried that the vibe could be too rowdy, and the layout wouldn't really let us sit off to the side.)

Re location - we live in the Columbia Heights area, and they're at Walter Reed. Somewhere between the two (slim pickings, I know) or up into the Bethesda area would be great.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Dino in Cleveland Park might fill the bill . I would call ahead to make sure they have the seating you prefer.

    3435 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20008

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    1. re: MrsWheatie

      Thanks so much! I was wondering about Dino. We'll give them a call.

      1. re: caerphilly

        Dino also has a great outside area if the weather is nice. It's on the side street as well - right across from parking, so it would be very easy to get to.

        In Cleveland Park is also Spices, a really great an inexpensive asian restaurant - I love their soups and noodles and it's a bright friendly spot. They have a back room, too, that I'm fairly certain he could get to without a fuss - I have seen wheelchairs there before.

        In fact, Dino is a place my hubby specifically wants to visit before he heads out on his next deployment in 2 weeks.

        From a military spouse, PLEASE thank your friend and his wife for their sacrifice - we will keep them in our thoughts.

        1. re: Jeserf

          Even better - I didn't think about parking, but that is an important consideration. Thank you for both recs! All my best to you and your husband as he prepares to leave for his next deployment.

          1. re: caerphilly

            yes - there's that big lot (you have to pay, but it's not much). There are lots of great places in that area - Dino, Palena Cafe (though I haven't been since they redid it), Spices. Dino has some GREAT summer dishes, though, and it's very easy to get a more private spot - you could even ask for the "grotto" area in the back, but it is a little dark so if his eyes have been impacted that is something to think about. But I also know that many of our wounded dont get enough time outside as they rehab, and Dino's outside area is very enjoyable.

            Report back!

            3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

            1. re: Jeserf

              We ended up going to Copper Canyon Grill in Silver Spring (closer to them, their choice) which was perfectly fine- good table, super-attendant waiter and manager, and everyone was happy with the food (actually, it was one of the better veggie burgers I've had). I did make a reservation at Dino before we ended up changing plans, and I am happy to report that they were great- called me back to confirm a good table, easy access to exit and restrooms, etc. We'll try to coax our friends down there next. Thanks again for the suggestions!

              1. re: caerphilly

                it might be worth mentioning that they also have brunch. That might be something more comfortable for your friend if he is at a point where he wants to go out, but not for too long or when it's "party time" for people around him. I've heard it's very good, so that might be something to consider!
                Glad you had fun - and hope your friends did, too!