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Left Over Steak Ideas

Had a cookout yesterday and expected a couple more people than actually showed up.. Now I have about 3 perfectly cooked left over steaks.... Eating steak two days in a row does not bother me, but I would like to try something different , any ideas out there?

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  1. Thinly slice the steaks for use in a Philadelphia favorite sandwich called a 'cheese steak' sandwich. Include some provolone cheese and sauteed bell pepper in a crusty roll.

    Cube the steaks and make Texas Hash, mainly a rice and meat dish. There are many recipes online of that casserole.

    Cube a steak and make a frittata including fried onion as well as other leftovers like potatoes and/or vegetables.

    1. Slice thin, and use in salads.

      1. slice thin and toss into a stir-fry as the protein component, dice up with some shredded pepperjack and cilantro to make quesadillas, make a quick sauce with garlic, crushed tomato and olive oil, add some strips of steak and serve toss with ziti

        1. Steak nachos grande, quesadillas, empanadas, pot pie. Or, gently reheat and served sliced over greens tossed with garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper, red pepper strips and feta, olives and either wrap it in a pita or eat as is.
          Slice the meat up, add american cheese and fontina, carmalized onion and peppers. Split a loaf of french bread wrap in foil tightly, heat for about 15 mins at 350. Unwrap. Slice for individual servings.

          1. Thai Beef Salad is always good and changes the flavor of the steak a little bit.


            1. I find it can be hard to reheat, so one way I will do so (for example, for a cheese steak sandwich) is to slice it super-thinly then just gentle reheat in hot broth. You could also do this in a mushroom cream sauce and then pour over noodles or rice.

              I will also shred, then mix with some ginger and hoisin use as a filling in phyllo cigars.

              1. Thinly sliced and warmed in pita bread with sliced onion, feta and tahini sauce.
                Now I'm hungry.....

                1. I just made steak sandwiches with blue cheese mayo and caramelized onions. So yummy!

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                    My three favorite leftover steak sandwiches: all using tender steak sliced very thin

                    A) on crusty semolina bread with Gouda or Gruyere, field greens, some thin-sliced onion and smoky horseradish sauce (buttermilk or sour cream based, horseradish, a little brown sugar & fresh ground black pepper and a drop or two of Liquid Smoke)

                    B) my childhood favorite, with American cheese, mayo, and Spike on white bread

                    C) open-faced on toasted buttered rye, pumpernickel, multigrain or sprouted-grain bread with Durkees' Sauce, topped with Muenster, broiled and cut into little wedges.

                  2. What is leftover steak? I never heard of it.

                    1. Ditto on the "hard to reheat" comment - which many people get at also by saying "reheat gently." Leftover steak can get tough when reheated. We usually pretend our leftover steaks are fajita meat and add to hot sauteed peppers and onions without warming the meat - the vegetables provide enough to bring everything to an even temp.

                      1. If you want it warm, the best thing to do is to put in in a plastic bag with as little air as possible, and submerge in hot tap water. Hot tap water (typically 125F) will warm it just to the point before it starts to cook again, without risk of going over, as it were.

                        1. Agree with the salad and stir fry ideas.
                          Steak and eggs for a hearty breakfast.
                          I have a cooked strip steak in my fridge that I think I'll use in a stir fry. Hmmm....ideas, ideas...

                          1. I like to slice it into small pieces, reheat in spaghetti sauce, and serve with penne or other small stubby pasta.