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Jul 10, 2011 09:57 PM

Fresh local spot prawns in SEA?

Anyone seen them around for sale at a fish store? I picked some (cooked) up at the Skagit Fish Market on the way back from the Anacortes ferry today for $14.99 and they were fantastic. They were from the San Juans, and all I see in the city is previously frozen, Alaska spots. I want to sit down with a giant bucket of these.

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  1. Call Tim's Seafood in Kirkland to find out if they have them. Fresh and yummy if they have them!

    1. Was at Mutual Fish Co./Seattle on Sunday and saw them there.....still alive,in the tank
      near the lobsters.

      1. Lam's Seafood has them in now ($11.00/lb). If you haven't been here yet, GO! Their live Dungeness is always the cheapest in town and once a year they even get live King.

        1. Hi, christy:

          You should move to Skagit County and find someone with the license. You ever get to Bow? There's a licensee (his GF actually) who sets up shop by Midway Antiques, when the haul is in. Spots, shrimps, it's all good and half the price of the markets. You go.


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