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pepper free hot sauce?

Hello trusted hounds~ I'm in a pickle and I hope you can shed some light/recipes/wisdom on the situation...

My hot sauce loving partner has just been told to avoid all nightshades for the next 3 weeks. I want to make her some delish hot sauce wtih no:

peppers (how/sweet/ cayene/ dried chili or paprika)

If you have one that you've tried please please share!

ciao (no pun intended)

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  1. Hi

    In your list you mentioned you can not use peppers? What are you planning to use for heat? Can you get Habanero peppers where you live? Let me know what you had in mind and I'll post something for you :)

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      Habaneros are capsicums in the nightshade family.

    2. You may be able to use capsicum oil which is highly refined. I would check with who ever asked them to partake of this restriction. I have never seen a hot sauce recipe or product that was not made from peppers. You could use Black, White, Pink or Szechuan Pepper none of which are in the Nightshade family.

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        thanks for the tips - I had no idea there were peppers outside the nightshade family! now... where to find them?

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          I had no idea there were peppers outside the nightshade family
          chefj is talking about *peppercorns* from the Piper Nigrum plant...i.e. the pepper you grind in a spice mill. peppercorns aren't botanically related to nightshade plants.

        1. Why does she need to get heat from hot sauce? Can she not fathom exploring other sources of heat for three weeks, or are you just trying to be supportive?

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            to protect her honour - she is very flexible, just fretting about a potential life without hot sauce ( if 3 weeks reduces her chronic pain than she's off them for life.

            I am both a supportive partner and a person who totally loves a cooking challenge .

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              Ah, chronic pain, that's a bugger. I get the cooking challenge, too, as I'm a bit that way as well, but I've not heard of hot sauces without some kind of pepper/chile. It's sweet of you to muster and take it on. Good luck!

          2. hot sauce, as normally understood, is 'hot' because of peppers. However there are other things which have a 'bite':
            horseradish (= wasabi)

            1. i think you may have a problem.

              don't think of it as trying to make hot sauce w/o capsicum, think of it as exploring horseradish or mustard flavors for 3 weeks. a distraction, rather than a big disappointment.

              maybe a vinegar infused w peppercorns may be fun as well.

              hope everything goes well at the checkup, or if it's bad news, that it leads to more fun challenges and exploration together. i hate to contemplate life without chile heat, myself :(

              1. ask her doctor for guidance -- if this is a medically-prescribed abstention relating to her health and well-being, then you need to have medical guidance on getting around the restrictions.

                It's not a big stretch to link together the body's reaction to spicy to the body's reaction to things like horseradish or black pepper...and maybe the doctor would prefer that she avoid ALL inflammation-type reactions until they can pinpoint a cause.

                I applaud you for being supporting and having great intentions, but it won't help any if you inadvertently make her something that she LOVES, but causes a problem with trying to find a solution to her pain.

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                  This is a good response. The doctor is the one to define/refine and clarify the restriction so the test will be accurate. Personally, if I couldn't eat eggplant, I'd cry. Good Luck to both of you.

                  1. re: sunshine842

                    I suspect the restriction is to all plants of the nightshade family, not a spicy/nonspicy thing. Some people claim that food from this family trigger arthritis pain. It sounds as though this an elimination trial. Eliminate all food of this category and see if the pain goes away. It might not even be a doctor recommendation.

                  2. Forgive me if I'm being narrow minded here, but isn't this by definition impossible? Sort of like trying to make a cocktail without alcohol.

                    1. Don't forget to add potatoes to that Nightshade list.

                      For heat you're limited to black pepper, ginger and horseradish (which include mustard, wasabi - which is usually colored horseradish in the USA.

                      In regards to Sichuan Peppercorns, they aren't really peppers nor are they similar to black peppercorns. It's the outer husk of the Prickly Ash berry. The effects on the tongue is more of a tingling and numbing instead of a blast of heat and pain.

                      Combinations you can try
                      Horseradish spiked mayo
                      Chinese style Hot mustard Sauce

                      1. Heat: black pepper, horseradish, wasabi - none of which are nightshades.

                        1. Just for reference, here is a list of Nightshades:

                          Chili pepper
                          Garden huckleberry
                          Wolfberry or Goji berry
                          Ground cherry
                          Sweet pepper
                          Turkey Berry