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Jul 10, 2011 05:34 PM

pepper free hot sauce?

Hello trusted hounds~ I'm in a pickle and I hope you can shed some light/recipes/wisdom on the situation...

My hot sauce loving partner has just been told to avoid all nightshades for the next 3 weeks. I want to make her some delish hot sauce wtih no:

peppers (how/sweet/ cayene/ dried chili or paprika)

If you have one that you've tried please please share!

ciao (no pun intended)

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  1. Hi

    In your list you mentioned you can not use peppers? What are you planning to use for heat? Can you get Habanero peppers where you live? Let me know what you had in mind and I'll post something for you :)

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    1. re: RN2011

      Habaneros are capsicums in the nightshade family.

    2. You may be able to use capsicum oil which is highly refined. I would check with who ever asked them to partake of this restriction. I have never seen a hot sauce recipe or product that was not made from peppers. You could use Black, White, Pink or Szechuan Pepper none of which are in the Nightshade family.

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      1. re: chefj

        thanks for the tips - I had no idea there were peppers outside the nightshade family! now... where to find them?

        1. re: orbitgirl

          I had no idea there were peppers outside the nightshade family
          chefj is talking about *peppercorns* from the Piper Nigrum plant...i.e. the pepper you grind in a spice mill. peppercorns aren't botanically related to nightshade plants.

        1. Why does she need to get heat from hot sauce? Can she not fathom exploring other sources of heat for three weeks, or are you just trying to be supportive?

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          1. re: amyzan

            to protect her honour - she is very flexible, just fretting about a potential life without hot sauce ( if 3 weeks reduces her chronic pain than she's off them for life.

            I am both a supportive partner and a person who totally loves a cooking challenge .

            1. re: orbitgirl

              Ah, chronic pain, that's a bugger. I get the cooking challenge, too, as I'm a bit that way as well, but I've not heard of hot sauces without some kind of pepper/chile. It's sweet of you to muster and take it on. Good luck!

          2. hot sauce, as normally understood, is 'hot' because of peppers. However there are other things which have a 'bite':
            horseradish (= wasabi)