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Jul 10, 2011 05:20 PM

All Clad Stainless Steel Discontinued?

I am trying to figure out which cookware I want to put on my registry, and after much research we decided that we wanted the All Clad Stainless Triple-Ply. The problem is that every place in my area that carries it (Crate and Barrel, Macy's, Bed, Bath, and Beyond) seem to have it on clearance and have limited quantities. Bed, Bath, and Beyond said that they are replacing it with the MC2 series, but Crate and Barrel and Macy's couldn't give me an answer as to why they were no longer carrying it. Are they just keeping the d5 series and getting rid of the triple ply stainless?

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  1. All-Clad has come out with a new triply with larger handles and other improvements -- see
    for the new line.

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    1. re: iyc_nyc

      Thank you so much! That is music to my ears. We thought we were going to have to go with the d5 (we felt it was too expensive to ask people as a gift) or the MC2 (I know it is similar performance-wise, but we like the shiny look of the stainless and the ability to put it in the dishwasher). Hopefully some of the stores around us will start to carry it!

      1. re: Onyx81

        If there are certain pieces you don't plan to post on your registry, you might want to snatch up the discontinued line at the awesome prices now.

        And a huge congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

      2. re: iyc_nyc

        Thanks for the link about the new handles. However, I see that they still use that stick style which creates undo pressure if I'm carrying a heavy pot. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, because I've mentioned it before, but I wish they would switch to the angled handles like the French pans have. For me, the angle displaces the weight and I have better leverage.

        Well, at least the A/C folks are listening and made an effort.

        1. re: breadchick

          What is an "angled handle"? Can you show us one? Is it like an offset spatula?

          1. re: Jay F

            Jay F,

            Here's an example of the angled handles. I grab from underneath, and with my joint issues it's so much easier to carry anything weighty in the pan because of the angle and the width of the handle. It's a nice relief and no fear of the pan sloshing.

            Yeah, it's like an off-set spatula.


            1. re: breadchick

              That's interesting. I've never used one of those pans, mostly because I don't need any pans, but also because their sharp-looking edges look as if they'd dig into my hand if they had food in them. (For whatever reason, I am in that 1% of people who aren't bothered by the All-Clad handles.)

              1. re: Jay F


                I have read many posts about All Clad. I can tell you for certainty that there are more than 1% of posters who are unhappy with the old All Clad handles. I have also handled a few All Clad pans and pots, and I dislike the feeling -- even when the cookware is empty. I have a DeBuyer pan. While these handles are not super round and smooth, they are round and not sharp on the edges. They are definitely much more comfortable to hold than the All Clad -- but then what isn't, right?

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  Chem, I was saying that 99% of the universe -- not 1% -- hates the A-C handle. For some reason, they don't bother me any more than any other pan (I have arthritis, so *everything* bothers me some). My thumb pretty much goes right into the front of the groove on the A-C handle, and I'm okay. I have 2 saucepans and a skillet.

                  1. re: Jay F


                    Oh, I read it wrong again. I thought you said you are that 1% of people who dislike All Clad handle. Thank for the correction.

                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      I am in the 1% then. Never found the AC handles an issue. I have several pieces of AC, also de Buyer, Tramontina, Mauviel and no handle issues with any. It's just a non-issue to me but clearly I am in a VERY small minority in that regard - I'm starting to feel lonely over here!

              2. re: breadchick

                While these pans look intriguing, I have to agree with Jay that the handles do appear to have thin and very sharp edges which would make them hard to grasp firmly without painfully digging into the skin.......

                I have all original A/C and for the larger pans, when full, usually use 2 hands for lifting/carrying/pouring. But over 18 years, that hasn't been a problem of any note. If I had to identify a notable problem, it would be that the handles (including lids) get very hot and require a dishcloth to manage...... or else!

                1. re: CocoaNut

                  Those are de Buyer mineral pans. The edges of the handles are rounded so there are no sharp corners. I find them to be easier and more comfortable than All-Clad. They are very popular in Europe and pro-kitchens. I've tried similar carbon steel pans by Vollrath which look near identical but don't have nearly the same balance and comfort.

                  1. re: pabboy

                    Thanks, for that "rounded" clarification. The picture in the link doesn't do the rounded edges justice ...

        2. What's the difference between the SS, MC2 and D5?

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          1. re: Fowler

            The SS line is three-ply--two layers of stainless steel surrounding an aluminum core. The D5 line, as the name indicates, is five-ply: SS--aluminum--SS--aluminum--SS. All-Clad claims that is has more even heat conduction than the three-ply version. MC2 has a stainless interior with a matte aluminum exterior.

            1. re: cheesemaestro

              The d5 also has a magnetic outer layer of SS so it works with induction.

              1. re: rasputina

                "The d5 also has a magnetic outer layer of SS so it works with induction."

                While the above statement is not technically false, it can cause unnecessary confusion and be misleading to others. Are you suggesting that the regular All Clad SS cookware does not have a magnetizable external layer of stainless steel, and cannot be used with induction cooking?


                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  The standard stainless steel is compatible with induction cooktops. Click the "technical details" link on this link:

                  1. re: deepfryerdan

                    Thanks Deepfryergan. I agree, but I wanted to point out that raspuntina's previous statement can confuse other readers into believeing that only the d5 is induction compatible -- which is definitely not the case.

                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      Yep all of my SS All Clad is fully induction compatible

                1. re: cheesemaestro

                  I believe MC2 is also thicker -- and certainly has more aluminum than the three-ply or D5.

                  So might be more functional from an even heating etc perspective.

                2. Hi - I recently registered for AC and was told it is being discontinued. I was pretty surprised and had the lady find out why. They manufacture their handles and other small parts in China, and will be moving it all over to the US.