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Jul 10, 2011 04:56 PM

Postino Winecafe in Gilbert

Driving through downtown Gilbert yesterday, I noticed construction happening in the old Grainbelt restaurant building, after several years of standing empty. A sign said that Postino Winecafe was moving in. Maybe something with a little name recognition like Postino can succeed in that seemingly-cursed location? I only live two miles south, so I'm certainly happy to see it go in and give it a try!

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  1. Agreed! We enjoy their Campbell location alot when we're in the area but this will be a welcome addition in Gilbert along with Barrio.

    1. From what I've read, they are going to do extensive remodeling to the building, opening it up and providing more windows and outdoor area. I hope Gilbert can support the more upscale option that Postino provides. The apparent success of Liberty Market would indicate that, if done right, Postino will do well.

      Liberty Market
      230 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ

      1. This is kind of old news... But as East Valley Foodies we're excited to have new options that are close to home... :)

        Don't forget that we're getting a Barrio Cafe in the same Grainbelt building...

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        1. re: Lunchbox76

          Fair enough. It was happy news to me, however! And I did search the board before I posted, so it may be new to some others here as well. I wouldn't have known about the Barrio Cafe in the same building if I hadn't started the thread! Now I'm even more excited.

          1. re: modthyrth

            Based on what I read a few months back, the other restaurant is going to be named simply "Barrio" rather than "Barrio Cafe" and will offer cuisine that differs markedly from that served at the mother ship.

            1. re: hohokam

              Well it was good while it lasted anyway... Barrio "whatever she wanted to call it" is not happening in Gilbert... A major bummer for us in the EV...


              1. re: Lunchbox76

                Yeah. Not a big loss for me personally, as I rarely venture out that way, and it was never clear to me that the cuisine being proposed (as reported by Jess Harter and the AZ Republic) would have been much different from what I can get at places much closer to home.

                That said, it does seem like that area could benefit from more variety.

        2. Is La Grande Orangerie opening in Gilbert too?

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          1. re: weepiggy

            I would love to see La Grande Orange out here!

            1. re: tattud_gurl

              I am hearing that Postino in Gilbert is also not going to happen.

              1. re: jock

                Care to go into details how you heard this and from who?