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Jul 10, 2011 03:56 PM

Two Sisters Kitchen Debirgny

Anyone go to Two Sisters Kitchen on Debirgny? If so how did you like it?

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  1. Like it a lot. Real down to earth soul food. Enormous quantities. Sorry I can't remember exactly what I ate when I went there about a year ago, but you will not be disappointed. When tourists tell me they are going to "Two Sisters," I compliment them on their adventurousness, knowing of course, that they really mean "Court of Two Sisters" at which point I simply sigh and say "oh well." I am due for a trip back to Two Sisters but their food suits me better when the weather is a bit cooler and I can take a long nap in the afternoon afterwards!

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      Loved your last sentence! That nailed it.

      Good basic and filling. Cornbread is like cake, a bit too sweet for me.

    2. I REALLY wanted to go there on my last trip but after reading some very luke-warm reviews online, I decided against it because of time constraints. I want to hear your review. I would go on a day that they serve gumbo. If you like gumbo theirs is supposed to be good.

      1. for map-browsers, that's Derbigny.

        1. I lunch at Two SIsters about once a week. My absolute favorite is their smothered chicken with extra gravy... usually comes with veggies, potato salad and corn bread. There's a set menu for each day... there's oxtails, smothered porkchops, white beans, meatloaf, etc. I've yet to be disappointed. If you are still wide awake after this meal, something is wrong with you. Good food, but definitely "sleepy" food. Don't be intimidated to go getcha some soul food here!

          1. Smothered chicken, veggies, potato salad... missing corn bread. This is one lunch plate for I think $8