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Jul 10, 2011 03:25 PM

Farmer's Markets in SW Florida....any hope this time of year

what would they have other than maybe some mangos, florida avocados and okra? I read that there is one open this summer in Naples. A bunch of crafty things, toilet paper cozies and other such garbage I am not looking for. Will travel from Sarasota south to Naples. LMF

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  1. LMF, I discovered this excellent little farm that have great veggies, greens, fruits, etc. Their arugula is amazing and is my favorite. It is so peppery and woody and full of flavor. I can no longer eat super market arugula. Also, they sell fresh eggs which they get locally from a farmer who have some chickens. The eggs are really, really good and the yolks are a deep yellow color. I'm getting excited just thinking about this place.

    The name of the farm is Rabbit Run Farm and located on Neal Road in Fort Myers. Google it and go to their website. They will list out what is currently in season and the things they are growing and selling. They're only open to the public for 4 hours on Saturdays. I try to go there every Saturday to stock up for the week. If you go, bring cash or a check. No credit cards accepted.

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      I've been there several times. The first two years she was open, she didn't attempt to grow during the summer so I didn't even think about her. She sells at several farmer's markets in season along with Worden Farms. I belonged to Worden Farms share program but got sick of baby bok choy every week <G> Thanks for reminding me about the farm. Hopefully I can find time on Saturday to go there.

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        This time of the year is really tough for local veg, truck farms. Most fields are in cover crops, to enrich the soil, no production or salable crops. Even the Sarasota market turns to candle and potholder vendors and their kin.........

    2. For SURE, the pickin's are very slim at Farmer's market here right now...but I can still buy hass avocados for much less than Publix...and lemons too 3 for $1 rather than 3 for $ bell peppers aren't bad and better price than store...nothing organic though and some Saturdays, I don't even go. argh!!! We really do have it good from Oct/Nov through April/May, so I cannot complain too much.

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        Check out the "new"....Old Myakka Farmers; Market, it is small and growing Saturdays at the Crowley Nature Center in Sarasota County. Organic veg. eggs, Locally produced cheese, local honey, jams, etc.

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          Do you know the type of cheeses they have?

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            Yes, The farm is "Gurnsey Acres" and Lori produces a raw milk gouda type cheese. She sells it with very little age on it so if you want a sharper, hard cheese you will have to age it yourself,a wheel is under 6 lbs. She also has Butter, cottage cheese, cream and milk.
            the productio currently is a little light as a good number of the cows are almost ready to drop calves, she says in September they will be back in full production.

      2. There's a Farmer's Market every Saturday morning on Venice Island from 8 to 12. Not sure what would be there this time of year though. It's in the parking lot that runs along the Main st.