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Jul 10, 2011 02:25 PM

How to clean brushed aluminum cookware?

Brushed aluminum is usually on the exterior side of skillets. Like the All-Clad MC2 and Anolon Chef Clad lines. I usually don't care what the exterior looks like as long as the interior's stainless is mint. BKF is great for making my stainless look like new again.

But accidents will happen and burnt on drippings can make the skillets look ugly. I passed on a raw deal on Anolon Chef Clad off Amazon because the exterior is brushed aluminum. So what is the best way to clean brushed aluminum?

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  1. Here is a closeup of All-Clad MC2 brushed aluminum.

    1. Pretty much the same things you would use for stainless steel surface cookware. Bar Keeper's Friend or white vinegar to remove aluminum oxide stains. Baking soda for burned-on grease stains.

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        Put it in the oven during a self clean mode will turn all that baked on stuff to a white powder.