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Jul 10, 2011 10:15 AM

lobster Wow

I went back to Pearl yesterday due to a last minute DSM and I were craving lobster. I head back to the Caribbean tomorrow and wanted a fix. I had a recollection Pearl had lobster specials. I called and they had 2 pounders for 32.00. We were in P Town so zipped over and lucked out on a parking spot in their lot and a table on the upper deck overlooking the sea. We started off with Steamers which were delicious. We then received lovely lobsters. My DSM's was easily a 2.5 lobster..massive..mine was perfect. Lovely roasted potatos and mary was spicy and was an outstanding meal for 100 and change before tip. The views made the entire experience double wow.

Pearl Restaurant
250 Commercial St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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  1. We have been very happy the couple of times we went to Pearl- in fact, we haven't been back to the Bookstore since we started going to Pearl. Along with Mac's Shack and The Wicked Oyster, they are in our Wellfleet "go-to" rotation.

    Wicked Oyster
    50 Main St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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      What a perfect send-off dinner before your trip! Even the parking gods were with you, and an open table on the deck!

    2. Damn you! Now I've got a hankering to go out for a nice big lobster. Do they offer one that sized stuffed do you know?

      Funny, best stuffed lobster I've ever eaten was only a couple of years ago at Anthony's Pier 4 in Boston. They call it Lobster Hawthorne and it was a 2 lb. lobster stuffed inside another 2 pound lobster. Cost about $80 but it was incredible. Almost made eating in the antiquated place surrounded by blue-hairs worth it!

      I think about it everytime I drive by Anthony's Cummaquid but the place just looks scary. Usually just 1 or 2 cars in the lot. Haven't cut the grass all season yet. Don't know why they've let such a special spot get so run down. Ever hear of ANYONE who eats there?