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Jul 10, 2011 10:06 AM

Fresh Is Best Salsa & Co

Hi all,

Walked by them last night and vaguely recalled someone here mentioning them. Since they were closed I didn't get the chance to check out. Do they make their own salsas, or do they just sell bottled/canned salsas ?

How do their products and prices rate ? Thanks.

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  1. It mighta been me :-). They do make their own salsa (and some other stuff like guacamole IIRC), but I am a Que Pasa salsa devotee (medium), as it to me tastes the most like the uncooked salsa I am usually too lazy to make myself.

    If you toddle by FIB when they're open, they often have a tester out so you see for yourself if you like. I believe they are based in Kamloops. They've been quite open to suggestions about items to bring in as well. What I buy there most is the Don Pancho tostadas caseras which at $4.95 for 24 are a decent deal. They are delicious and BTW last far past their best before date.

    As far as prices, I know you can get certain items cheaper at places on the east side but in the interests of not driving/protecting the ozone I am willing to pay a bit more. There's a canned green salsa I like that's maybe 30 cents more than I've seen it at places on Commercial, for example. They do have quite a wide selection of bottled sauces and I believe their prices are better than at Granville Island, FWIW. Fair number of staples like masa harina too.

    Nice folks run it. It is possible to return things if there is a problem here (this happened once only, item was past sell by and they immediately refunded my money).

    1. I absolutely love their salsa and chips! Amazing amazing stuff. I highly recommend you try it.

      1. I'm a big fan of their guacamole especially. Lovely lemon-lime tang to it. The salsa is a bit more tomatoey than I would like but it is a very good salsa. I love their chips - well salted. I much prefer Fresh Is Best's chips to the under salted and tough textured Que Pasa chips).

        Their Broadway store seems to have a good selection of bottled hot sauces and other Mexican items. They have a lovely melt in your mouth peanut candy at the counter - like a very flaky halva in texture.

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          Sounds like FIB is definitely worthy of checking out. We're salsa verde people (mild for me, hot for missus) and less on the red tomatoes-based salsa. I do love salsas with mango or other fruits.

          Anyway I'll try dropping by there this week. Thanks everyone :-D

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Another really good product at FIB: their taco shells. Yes, these are the taco shells of the crispy, folded in half variety that you put the seasoned ground beef into, not so "authentic" I guess. But if you have kids and they like tacos done this way, these are light years ahead of the grocery store shells. So light and crispy, no reheating required, and no nasty additives or solid-at-room-temp fats. And they taste great. They come in yellow corn or mixed colours. They're the same price or possibly a bit cheaper than the supermarket ones.