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Jul 10, 2011 09:34 AM

Trader Joe's on Staten Island?

Does anyone have an update as to the opening of Trader Joe's on Staten Island. According to TJ's Web site, it says it is "opening soon." Reports from January say it was to open this spring. I will be traveling to SI soon and if TJ's is open would like to take a friend there. Thanks!

Trader Joe's
2385 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

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  1. I know this might be a lot to ask, but if anyone happens to be driving by 2385 Richmond Ave, and can let me now if TJ's is open, I would appreciate it. I can't find a phone number so I think it may not be open yet.

    I appreciate your help. My friend who lives on SI is battling cancer and has limited mobility right now. If TJ's is open I would like to surprise him when I visit in a few weeks and take him there. He is a real food aficionado and has hundreds of cookbooks, so I know he would love it. Otherwise, I am going to do a shopping at my local TJ's and bring him an assortment of treats.


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      Can't you contact an existing TJ's and ask them to connect you to Mgmt or Cust Ser?
      I'm sure they could help you.

    2. As of July 10th, it hasn't opened. Doesn't seem like TJ's will open until at least Fall. There isn't even a roof to the building yet. =(

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      1. re: itstangy

        Oh man, that is sad indeed. ;-(

        Thanks Itstangy. I suspected it wasn't open yet. Looks like my local TJ's will be getting my business.

      2. Just called TJ's customer service, as I'm also eagerly awaiting the opening. Sadly, the store is still not open, and they had no opening date.

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          Today they have a sign that says October 7th.