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Jul 10, 2011 09:15 AM

Gochujang (sp)- my new crack

So I picked up a bottle of this Korean condiment/marinade base/put in on everything stuff at my local grocery chain. Its from a Asian brand Annie Chungs so its probably toned down in heat but its still wonderful. I find myself adding it to cottage cheese, putting it on sammiches, on eggs, pretty much everything.

FWIW I probably don't plan on using it to make any traditional Korean dishes, I just like the way the stuff tastes when I add it to what I usually eat, which now in the summer is grilled something or other.

If you have any dips, condiment 'enhancements', marinades, or what-have-you that is made wonderful with gochujang , please post them.


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  1. there was a recent post here for Korean marinaded consisted of gochuchang, soya sauce, brown sugar, green onions and water. I think proportion (from memory)...2 T, 1T, 1/2 T, couple of green onions and water to loosen it up.

    I made the marinade yesterday for chicken legs...let it marinade and then BBQ'd the legs. It was really tasty.

    1. Last year, I made a seafood salad with smoked oysters, clams, shallots, cilantro, olive oil and gochujang. I can't find the recipe though.

      1. I mix it in to eggs before I scramble them, then make a crouton omelet/frittata with sesame oil. Really good. It's also tasty on zucchini as a side dish to rice.

        1. As a dipping sauce for fresh pickling cukes or for ssahm, I like to add a little sugar, fresh minced garlic, just a splash of soy, maybe a little water if it's a particularly thick gochoojahng, and toasted sesame oil. That's also the variation I use for my bibim bahp.

          I also use it in dwaeji (pork) boolgogi, kimchi fried rice, kimchi jjigae, mixed with dwenjahng (soy bean paste) for ssahm. I also make a seasoned version with vinegar to eat with sashimi which includes a little minced garlic, sugar, vinegar and chopped green onion, diluted with a little bit of water.

          Good stuff!

          1. Chili

            Over noodles (tossed with some shredded chicken and julienned cucumbers, carrots, etc.)