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Jul 10, 2011 09:12 AM

Beer Snobs of Nashua rejoice!

I'm a beer snob. I'll drink the garbage stuff when I'm hanging with buddies but I'd much rather have a craft beer with some flavor. The other day I stopped in to The Beer Store in Nashua on Amherst Street. Its selection is awesome. I will be a regular visitor there to buy the Black IPA from Otter Creek. I used to drive to VT to get it.

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  1. Great Post, thank you! I am planning a long weekend trip hitting breweries and brewpubs in and around Nashua. I read of a place which will sell you growlers on site but cannot for the life of me remember which one it was. Do you know?

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      I think Martha's Exchange may fill growlers, but you would probably enjoy taking the trip a bit further north to Hooksett. White Birch Brewing is there and they have just built a new store front and fill growlers. They make really interesting stuff! The Beer Store is absolutely great, lots of cold beers, make your own six pack, big beers and specialty foods. Jasper's in Nashua is excellent as well, but has no cold storage. Oh, and TBS has Rogue growlers.

      1. re: solargarlic

        >They make really interesting stuff!

        If multiple brewing faults are considered "interesting stuff", I no longer "get" craft beer. The number of common brewing faults in just one of their beers is astounding. Samples I had at a local beer fest were undrinkable and gag inducing with strong fusels, aceteldehyde, vegetal, cheesey , vomit flavors, and were quite milky in appearance. Yet I received an email from the guy saying he didn't think any of his beers were "off" that day after I wrote an online review of one of them. And he wants $15/bomber for some of that junk? I don't get it - and according to the dusty bottles on my local retailer's shelves, no one else in my area does either. This is going to be an uphill battle for him if he ever starts to make palatable beer.

        1. re: LStaff

          Easy big timber. The intent of my OP was to give a shout out to a new retailer who has a great selection of beers. I'm very happy with the product, and I'll take your opinion under advisement in my selection of a beer the next time I go into The Beer Store.

          1. re: LStaff

            I have definitely heard this side of his beers. But I stand by my opinion that his are interesting...aging a beer with absinthe soaked wood chips? That's pretty interesting. I guess the off stuff is just part of his experimentation. I haven't got a bad one yet, so I can't speak about how that situation is handled. He's been expanding to 3 other states so it seems that there are quite a bit of people willing to buy his beers. I do agree they are expensive!

            Anyway, back to TBS - they are having a tasting with WBB on the 21st (I think).

            1. re: solargarlic

              Include me in the 'interesting' camp. I've had a couple of White Birch selections that weren't quite to my liking, but my goodness...... there aren't many (or any?) other local brewers that will go out on a limb like they do to make some wild, creative beers. I'm always eager to try their stuff. A year or so ago their Barrel Aged Barley Wine (I hope I have the name right) blew me away.

        2. re: lovesublime

          Milly's Tavern in Manchester sells and fills growlers.

          Milly's Tavern
          500 N Commercial St, Manchester, NH

          1. re: steve999

            How are they doing btw...I heard the place is for sale.