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Jul 10, 2011 09:01 AM

Montreal... one more meal, please

Hey all - My mother and I are planning a Montreal trip for later in the week. We already have French bistro (L'Express), Basque tapas (Pintxo), Indian (Curry & Naan and Bombay Mahal seem to get good reviews), poutine and various bagels & meats (we're Jewish) in the agenda. Now, we're looking for one more food recommendation to round out the experience. We're plenty adventurous and my mom lived in HK for a time (so Asian food of all kinds is loved, but it must be authentic). How should we round out our stay?

On a side note, anything to not miss on Bastille Day? We hear it's not a huge event in Quebec, but if there is something to enjoy (day festival?), we don't want to miss it!

Thanks - S

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  1. you'll have a hard time having asian food in montreal as good as HK

    the only thing you'll miss in Montreal on Bastille Day is not being in Paris ;)

    1. Previous thread on Bastille Day in the city is here (though from 4 years ago):

      I have only heard of one Bastille Day (food) event here in the city in the Old Port where you dress up, have a French dinner, etc. but I forgot what it was called and where, sorry. But you're right, there isn't much of a Bastille Day celebration in this city.

      I would say that the Asian food here in Montreal is not on par with, say, Vancouver or Toronto (or anywhere with good and authentic Asian food) though there are some decent places in the city. If you have one more meal left I would not have Asian food but perhaps go to a charcuterie, such as Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins in the Mile End to drink wine, eat poutine, smoked meat, and other comfort foods.

      1. To celebrate Bastille Day in Montreal, you have to go to franco-french bars, places like "Le Massilia" on Parc Ave. or L'Barouf on st-denis st.

        Both places will surely have something "special" but don't expect much.

        1. On a cooler night, you could go have Pho (vietnamese soup) at Pho Lien on Cote-des-Neiges. They have a terrace so you shouldn't be worried about eating something warm and overheating if you're sitting outside. It's a simple suggestion but maybe it'll interest you.

          1. L'Union Française holds an annual Bastille Day ball. They used to do and outdoor event on Plaza St-Hubert, but I don't think they do that anymore.