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Jul 10, 2011 08:56 AM

Chiba Sushi Review & Photo:

I had such an amazing dinner experience at Chiba's last night, had to share with this board.

I made sure to sit in Shug's section (owner & master sushi chef of Chiba's)

As you sit down your greeted with a complimentary salad.

I started with some yellow tail belly & an order of blue fin tuna sushi, both amazing.

I continued my sushi adventure and tried some salmon belly with black xavier on top, melts in your mouth!

From there I had an order an appetizer of green mussels and an order of Toro sushi.

The guy next to meet was eating these roasted nuts which he offered me and I tasted one, I forgot the name, similar to a hot pistachio.

I would get these as a starter next visit.

The other couple next to me ordered some jumpo scallops imported from Japan, looked tasty.

From here I ordered a scallop hand roll and chose to go with one roll, a crunchy shrimp roll.

For lovers of rolls I saw him make a lobster & king crab roll, he pulled out the biggest lobster tail & crab ever to assemble this dish.

It sure looked good and I will have to try that as well in the future.

To end this amazing meal he suggested this, see photo, UNI (Sea Urchin) with 3 eggs, best dish I've had yet!

All this ran me with tip $90.00

Give it a try, on Saticoy in North Hollywood.



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  1. Secret is out. My father started to go to Chibas when Shig's Dad started the restaurant. Shig is one of the more skilled and personable sushi chefs in Los Angeles. I am always amazed at his patience in explaining the kind of fish he has prepared and how to eat it. Keep up the good work Shig.

    Chiba Japanese Restaurant
    11713 Saticoy St, North Hollywood, CA 91605

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    1. re: Isamu Kihara

      Is Shig the gentleman that works by himself behind the smaller sushi bar?

    2. Also really like this place. It's my Aki replacement on the east side and a little bit cheaper to boot.

      Aki Restaurant
      11513 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

      1. Great place--was taken there about 10 years ago by an ex-BF. Ditched the guy, but kept the sushi! It's far from where I live in WLA so I don't go often but I'm glad to hear it's still going strong!

        1. This is a nice report, Stuart!

          I also like Chiba a lot, although the parking can be a challenge.

          Chiba can be everything to everyone. I have seen families sitting at the bar and the chef will cater to the children. I have seen hungry patrons order huge rolls, and I have seen traditional sushi eaters served exquisite pieces of very fresh fish with delicate toppings.

          I prefer the more traditional approach, and I have never been disappointed. Even if my neighbors are enjoying a different style, the chefs are adeptly capable of adjusting to the style and preferences of the customer. This is not a one-style-fits-all sushi bar.

          They also have an extensive selection, and the chefs are helpful with their recommendations.

          1. amazing - their belly cuts are incredible, best i've had in LA - other places belly cuts are usually horrendous, if they even have them at all... try the spicy shrimp crunch cut roll next time too...