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Jul 10, 2011 08:26 AM

Dining with Family in Atlantic City

Didn't have any luck with my Brigantine thread so I'll try it this way: Looking for a few good restaurants in Atlantic City/Brigantine area while on vacation end of July.

Seafood is number one choice, but would welcome recommendations on any type of food.

Family varying in ages from adult to age two, so nothing fancy. Any price point.

Thank you.

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  1. Take out subs from White House once. You could eat there but there is usually a long line. I recommend the Special.

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    1. re: Abner Kravitz

      Subs can work! Thanks, Abner, for the reply. Appreciate the feedback. Will let you know how we liked it if we do get there. Cheers!

    2. Sea Blue at the Borgata has amazing seafood. Fin at the Trop opened last year and had good seafood. Harry's at Bally's just opened for seafood and they are owned by the family that runs Docks and the Knife & Fork and should be very good.

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        Thanks so much for the recommendations! Since I have learned over the years that the jersey shore is actually far from a cornucopia of good seafood spots -- in fact just the opposite -- your suggestions are all the more welcomed. We try to have one good seafood meal while vacationing at the shore, so we will report back how things turn out.

      2. Tony's Baltimore Grill. It's an old hole where you certainly won't find any high rollers. The food is very basic Italian, pasta with red sauce, chicken parm etc. and the pizza is very good. The place is a throwback to 50's and I love it. It is not at all expensive and the perfect place to bring a family. The menu is on the link below.

        Tony's Baltimore Grill
        2800 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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        1. re: bifpocaroba

          Thank you for the suggestion. Sounds like a place my family would definitely enjoy. Having spent most of my life in NJ but now living in suburban/rural PA, good pizza is hard to come by, and always desired. Inexpensive is an added bonus, for sure. We will let you know how we like it if we get there!

          1. re: fifidanon

            "edible new jersey" the magazine just did a piece on restaurants in altlantic city. They mentioned "knife and fork" as a good place. A bit of a throwback to old school A.C.

            1. re: Spaetzle75

              Thanks for the suggestion. I have heard Knife and Fork recommended in the past. Our realtor also recommended Back Bay Ale House and Scales. We will let you know how things turn out!

              1. re: fifidanon

                Ate at Back Bay Ale House last year----horrible food, service, etc.

                1. re: Sydneyeats

                  Whoa thanks for the heads up. Looks like we will take a pass on Back Bay Ale House!