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Jul 10, 2011 07:08 AM

Best deli on Corned Beef Row?

I plan on making a trip down to corned beef row soon, and I'm looking for the best of the 3 delis down there, specifically for a Reuben Sandwich.

From other reviews on the internet, each place (Attman's, Weiss, and Lenny's) have their own share of fans. From a quick evaluation, it looks like Weiss is getting the best reviews. Attman's has been a long-standing favorite, but has gotten some not so nice reviews as of late. Lenny's gets good reviews, but more for the niceness of the building itself, rather than the food.

So what I'm looking for is A) Quality B) most generous portions and C) price. This is for carryout - I don't intend on eating at the establishment, so dining areas don't matter to me.

What say you, Baltimore? Which deli should be my first venture into Corned Beef Row?

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  1. For Reuben...WEISS, they also make a great Cloak and Dagger

    1. The problem with the reuben from Weiss is that bread is just toasted and then sandwich is zapped in microwave. Still a really good sandwich but not grilled. Unfortunately I don't think anyplace on corned beef row has a grilled reuben. My favorite place for straight up corned beef is still Attman's.

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        I'll take Attman's for the excellent food and unbelievable ambiance any day. I had a Cloak and Dagger just the other day that was delicious.