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Jul 10, 2011 06:57 AM


OK, got a big mess of garlic scapes here. Now what the heck do I do with them?


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    Not sure if I replied in either of those topics, but I prefer to use them raw in dressings - like for tortellini or pasta salad, or or sub sammich dressing. Olive oil, raw scapes, little vinegar, lemon juice, random spices (but fresh basil,) blender - done.

    1. I've been playing with them myself this summer. They seem to be a lot more prevalent at local markets. Frankly, I think I enjoyed them most cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces and merely sauteed in olive oil (butter would work fine too) until softened yet retaining some bite. Seasoned only with salt and pepper. I served them as a side, as if they were green beans, with a grill roasted pork roast, some crusty bread, and some of the first tomatoes of the season. I guess I'm just a simple man.

      1. Remove the bud ends - they're tough. Cut into 1-inch pieces and add to a stir fry or any sauteed vegetable mixture. I recently made some pasta with Swiss chard, scapes, onions and cherry tomatoes which was delicious. Last year I made a whole bunch of scape butter (just blend raw, cleaned scapes with butter) that I froze in long rolls. A pat of this on a grilled steak is excellent and it makes a fantastic garlic bread. I'm personally not a fan of scape pesto but lots of people really like it.

        1. I used them in pesto, just used my regular recipe with basil and pine nuts and did a straight substitution for the garlic, though I used purple basil for another twist. lol Purple pesto. :)

          Pasta aglia e olio with scapes. I slow-simmered them in olive oil to soften them and get a lot of the flavor, then added the pasta and some pasta water. My kids totally devoured this one. A few of the scapes got a bit crispy, and my youngest saved them for last and then gobbled them up.

          I also substituted them for garlic in a Swiss chard tart.

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            I make pesto out of them, no basil, just scapes. I love them grilled too, just for a minute, brushed with olive oil.

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              Do you make this pesto with garlic cloves, too? Or do the scapes substitute for both the basil and the garlic?

          2. I'm actually making this Garlic Scape Tart tonight (the dough is in the frig as I type this). It sounds like it'll be perfect with a nice salad for a summer evening dinner.