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Jul 10, 2011 06:41 AM

Sang Kee opening in Edgemont / Newtown Square in August

sang kee noodle house is taking over the former Roux 3/Parkers Prime location..

Glad to see shrimp dumpling soup made the more limited menu

Menu linked here

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  1. We drove by yesterday and it looked like there was new construction underway around the back next to the Italian place (blanking on the name). We assumed that would be where Sang Kee was going. If SK is heading to the Parkers Prime location, I wonder what else is headed to new space?

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      Trattoria Guiseppe is the Italian place -- good food....HORRIBLE service

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        I remembered the second I posted! The food is good but we haven't been in a while. They have two nice outdoor dining patios (facing the parking lot, but still better than inside). The problem is that the "smoking section" is between them, right by the front door. So either you eat outside and have the constant drift of cigarette smoke, or you eat inside and pass through the cloud of smoke on the way to the front door.

        I don't know, maybe I'm just getting fussy, but I don't want to come home smelling like an ashtray, after having a nice dinner outside at a byob.

    2. Just saw a comment on a random website that this Sang Kee location opens this Friday, August 12. Can anyone confirm?

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          Thanks. I found the menu online but not this link. Appreciate your help!

      1. Ate there tonight during their soft opening. For starters tried chicken spring roll (great) and scallion pancake (wouldn't get again, to me had strong fried after taste). The main noodle dishes my husband and I both liked beef mei fun and Singapore noodle. The Singapore noodle didn't match description on menu, but was good none the less. Both dishes were marked spicy but neither were.

        Table to our right was confused that their noodle bowl dishes were served in a broth like a soup... I had same issue on my first visit to wynewood location, not sure why their menu doesn't explain that better.

        Service was ok, definitely some confusion but to be expected with new place I guess.

        The owners were milling around talking to guests which made me confident the small bumps in the road should quickly be over come. Quality of food was good enough we'll be back... They said full menu should be avail in 2 weeks. Glad to have good Asian food closer to home,

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          The Inquirer reported recently that Sang Kee is opening in Cherry Hill by the end of the month at 1601 N Kings Hiway across from the Genaurdi's.