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Jul 10, 2011 05:27 AM

Coffee fiends! Direct your jittery eyes over here, please.

My husband is on the hunt for two coffee-making apparatuses (apparati?): a Chemex coffee maker and a toddy maker.

Amazingly, these are hard to find in Quebec. (At least cursory Googling tells us so.) We could have friends from Atlanta ship us these two coffee gadgets, but frankly, it's expensive and we'd rather buy it local. Having run a coffee shop for nearly a decade, I know how to make toddy sans toddy maker at home, but I'd like to get one for him because he's rather enamored of them.

I am sure someone out there knows of a shop that carries these items. We would love you forever if you could impart that info (or at least we'll love you until the caffeine wears us out and we get cranky).

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  1. A quick look on the Chemex website leads to advice to contact the following email to locate dealers near you:

    Although, you may well have already tried this - granted the website doesn't instil a huge amount of confidence....
    I can't think of somewhere off the top of my head in Montreal. I'm strictly an espresso man and Dante Hardware fulfills all my needs in that department!
    Good luck

    1. The closest place I know that sells Chemex pots is The Grean Beanery in Toronto. I think calling Myriade and/or Caffe In Gamba would be your best bet for finding what you're looking for. If they don't have it, they'll probably know where you can get it.

      Caffe In Gamba
      5263 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V4G9, CA

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        The husband has an espresso machine and a Moka pot that he loves dearly as well, but I think he wants to be able to make coffee in any form he so wishes. (He likes variety, that man.)

        Thanks for help so far, guys! It does lead one to wonder why these somewhat common forms of home coffee-making aren't popular or familiar in Quebec. Is it because it smacks of fiddly? I can understand that.

        1. re: Peaches to Poutine

          They're popping up recently, I know that Saint Henri Microtorrefacteur brews them and likely sells them, and same goes for Flocon Espresso on Mont Royal. I noticed a couple at Pikolo, a new space opening up next week on Parc just north of Sherbrooke (next to Pullman Wine Bar), but I'm not sure if they plan on retailing them.

          Myriade doesn't carry any.

          I think they're less common in general because Montreal until recently was a very espresso-centric city, so the demand for manual brewers was considerably less than in some other cities. I wouldn't be surprised if that's changing now, though.