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Jul 10, 2011 04:44 AM

2 Hours at Sea Tac, enough time?

To get some good chow? Will be landing with Delta and flying out with Horizon. I am sure gate changes, etc will need to taken into consideration. I don't need sit down restaurant but can pick up and go.
Of course, seafood is my prime pick. Also, I have little time when I reach my final destination to get going and will not have time to eat. I want to get something that I can take with me.

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  1. Unless your plane gets in early and the departing flight leaves late, it's doubtful you would have have time to leave the airport to fetch seafood, return and get through security again. There is an Anthony's Restaurant, primarily a seafood restaurant, at Sea-Tac Airport. The location in the airport is a restaurant with a bar, so if your plane gets in on time, and you have 2 hours, you would have time to dine before your next flight leaves. The Anthony's website doesn't give the menu for the Sea-Tac airport location, but all their restaurants serve pretty much the same menu (with the exception that the Sea-Tac Anthony's also serves breakfast), so if you check out any of the menus listed, you'll get a sense of their range of seafood items.

    1. I agree with Olympia Jane that you can't really leave the airport. Sea-Tac is fairly quick to get aorund from gates to gate and between terminals. you will have 1 hour to eat or wander and still make it to first call for boarding. There is a central food court, called Pacific Mall or something. That's where the Anthony's is. It also has a walk up fish n chips stand. The sit down is decent. There are other little eateries, mostly of the fast food kind Dish D'lish is local and features sandiwiches, etc. in a walk through line. But not any particular seafood emphasis, more carry on board food.

      1. Didn't realize I double posted. I will continue reading my other post. Thanks for responding.,