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Mar 10, 2006 06:21 PM

How is Eat on Sunset?

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I trid to scroll to old posts but everything has "eat" in it!

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    I have only had the grilled cheese there -- it's great!!

    1. The steak salad is great. The ambience is weird, the food overpriced- but some of the dishes are good. they also change the "Special prices" far too much. They have Great fries.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Atmosphere is subdued without being plain. I loved it. Fireplace was a nice touch.

          I remember loving the scallops (and i don't like scallops).
          There was a special porterhouse for two that was well received.
          Gelato was fantastic.

          I've met the chef previously, and he's pretty cool. Still remember him from French Laundry.

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            I ate lunch there about a year ago and had a great time. My server was very friendly and helpful. I had a great soup- it was either a sweet potato or butternut squash soup with lovely little ricotta dumplings. I also had a nice salad. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was Patina's signature bread pudding dessert. But a nice environment and good lunch!

          2. Just had dinner there on Sat... My baby had the Steak Diane (overcooked) and I had the Fish special (Spanish Turbot).

            Service was immaculate... and the food tasted great.

            The problem with Eat. is the portions... tiny. My fish was half the size of a deck of cards... and was served with 4 fingerlings potatoes, 6 lima lima beans and 2 sliced, sauted mushrooms... that's it! $42 for my plate!

            Better for drinks than for dinner IMO.