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Jul 10, 2011 01:31 AM

Where can I get pastured eggs in Orange County?

Hi there,

Anyone have a lead on where one can get pastured eggs in Orange County? Talking about the eggs whose yolks are super yellow-y and where the chickens are eating all the stuff that chickens should be eating (bugs etc etc).

Thanks in advance

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  1. i presume that Whole Foods carries the same brands of eggs in Orange county that they do in LA county:

    VITAL FARMS pasture-raised, organic, eggs.
    irrc, whole foods charges about $7/dozen for these

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      I haven't seen these eggs in my LA whole foods (Pasadena, specifically). Which stores have you seen them at?

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        Confirm, just got some Vital Farms, $7/dozen at the Tustin Whole Foods.

      2. OC Poultry and Rotisserie. Call in advance; they don't always have the eggs. Yellowest yolks I've seen outside of the product of friends' chicken coops.

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        1. Oddly enough, I suggest you try to find some eggs that have a real usda grade stamp on them. Rather than trusting the marketing text that is stamped on egg boxes. USDA grade A eggs are individually inspected and stamped. There is a huge difference in taste, texture etc. Check the date stamps on the dairy in your grocery store, youll find the date stamps on the USDA stuff is usually the freshest. I know this response is a bit contrary to your search but I suggest you try a brand like eggland"s best with a real USDA grade stamp on them. You might be surprised!

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            The USDA stamp on either an egg or a carton indicates that a USDA grader has been present at the packhouse. Not every egg is graded, even if the egg is stamped and the grading is for size, colour and lack of cracks in the egg. The USDA Grade A is not very useful.

            Pastured chickens produce eggs that are much different than even name-brand supermarket eggs. I use both; when the egg is going to stand alone (poached, etc.) I try to use pastured eggs, and also in custards, because the yolk is so much richer.

          2. Is Fallbrook too far to travel? Our friend's mom has her chickens in a really large enclosure, and they forage for bugs, fallen fruit, etc. (though they do also eat bread / scraps / chicken food in some quantities), and she does sell eggs. The chickens seem quite happy and well treated, though some of the ones that were purchased (vs. hatched there) were de-beaked, and it is not completely a no-kill operation -- while they don't sell a ton of chickens for meat, it does happen. :/ But this would give you an opportunity to see first hand to see the chickens' living and eating conditions. Compared to folks I get eggs from in the LA area, these chickens have quite a bit of land to move around on.

            I don't think she has a web presence, but I can get you the address if you give me some way to contact you.