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Sonoran hot dogs?

I just ran a search on here and found a post from 2009... but nothing really since then.

I initially started searching for "LA mexican hot dogs" because of the hand cart wielding ladies who pop up after a show in LA at a place like the Palladium. As far as I know after Googling, they're Sonoran style. Bacon wrapped with mayonnaise and guacamole, assorted other condiments.

Given Austin's large Mexican population, I'm shocked I haven't seen these amazing dogs here. That said, I haven't tried too hard looking. Have any of y'all run into anyone who serves these dogs in town?

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  1. No dice, I suppose? Does this not look appetizing?

    One can dream.

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      oh, they look great. but i don't know of any place here that sells 'em...

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        Looks good that's a different bun than we get around here. Here's an example from a place in Yuma:


        But Yuma is kindof an extension of Sonora in some ways.

        1. re: Ed Dibble

          Yeah I think that bun's particularly glamorous for food porn purposes. They're usually not that nice looking.

      2. I think I've seen something like this at the La Pulga Market that pops up on weekends in a parking lot at Elmont and Pleasant Valley.

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          Ooh ok now we're getting somewhere. I figure there HAS to be at least one cart in this town. I'll go check that out...

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            since this is perfect drunk food, i am shocked there isn't a trailer somewhere downtown...

        2. I've heard there's a cart at the Fiesta supermarket that has Sonoran hot dogs. I have not verified that yet.

          I currently make my own version but it's a Texas dog...bolillo roll, hot link sausage (instead of a frankfurter) wrapped in bacon, chili, beans, grilled serranos, pico de gallo, avocado, cheese, mustard. It rules.

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            Nice! Ok definitely need to make a trip up there this week. Been wanting to make some tomatillo/arbol salsa anyway.

          2. frank's has one as a special for $6:
            100% Vienna Beef, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried; grilled onions, diced onions, diced tomato, pinto beans, jalapeno sauce, mayonnaise, mustard.

            1. The Evil Weiner truck does a version of this.


              1. The Jackalope Bar on 6th has a hot dog called the Tijuana which is a frank wrapped in bacon, deep fried and served on a bun with jack cheese, jalapenos, and chipotle mayo.

                But is doesn't compare to the griddle cooked ones with fresh salsa that I used to get outside of the nightclubs in Nuevo Laredo, back in my youth...

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                  Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. They're like the same as the little Mexican ice push carts, but they've got a propane tank inside and little griddle on top. I'm all for trying the ones at Frank, Jackalope, et al, but I'd rather find the real deal. I still haven't made a trip up to Fiesta yet, as I've been a little busy this week, but this weekend I'll venture over there and report back...

                  1. re: Optimista

                    Looks interesting. Since HEB is closed today, so weekly shopping is out, I may try them. Wonder if they'll be open today.

                    1. re: amysuehere

                      We went the night I posted this. I've never had a Sonora hot dog so have nothing to compare it to, but these were delicious. Also tried the carne asada burrito, which my husband preferred, but I liked the dogs better. The couple who owns it is just adorable and very passionate about what they are doing - they're only open at night because they still both have day jobs. The husband trained at Per Se (he said a title that I didn't recognize, but I got the impression that it was something like an intern position...but still!).

                      1. re: Optimista

                        I've tried to go the last two evenings, but in each case, I got here when they were closing. I agree,the owners are great. They were actually expecting me tonight, but I forgot and wasted 40 minutes at HEB trying to find something to eat. I did get some pineapple water, which was awesome and not too sweet. Too late for dogs. Please frequent this place!

                        1. re: rudeboy

                          Went back again tonight. It was even better than the first time. They got a new purveyor for their tortillas, and they were fantastic. Had a long talk with the owners - they are just so likable. The husband, Miguel, put in his two weeks' notice at his day job, so they'll be open for lunch soon!

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                            I went last night and am in love. The owners mentioned you, RB, and were sad you left empty-handed twice.

                            They are such a sweet couple and they are very passionate about what they serve. IT SHOWS!

                            We ordered one premium hot dog and a burrito. Nom-Nom-Nom. Both were excellent.

                            While we waited, they brought us the hibiscus agua fresca and it was really something special - not too sweet and very refreshing. Since I work so close, I know I'll end up with a daily addiction to these.

                            The hot dog is what I'd describe as a Navajo taco meets a Chicago dog. The buns were distinctive and soft, beans flavorful and rich, bacon on dog was thin enough as to not make you fight for a bite, toppings high quality.

                            Carne asada burrito was huge and packed with flavor. The meat had been charcoal grilled and had a full, smokey flavor, guacamole and pico were the perfect accent and didn't overpower, tortilla was rich and chewy (in a good way). Both the red and green sauce were wonderful.

                            Today is Miguel's last day and he said they'll be open for lunch starting the 15th and (yeah!!!) they'll be open on Saturdays as well for both lunch and dinner.

                            1. re: amysuehere

                              I'm touched that they remembered me. They didn't know anything about chowhound when I mentioned it to them. They are passionate about what they're doing, so we should support them. That burrito sounds yummy - I'll get that next time.

                              1. re: rudeboy

                                And they're giving out real limes, what with the shortage and all.

                                Apparently, they've been on since then to read, as they were familiar with your handle.

                                Let's plan on meeting for lunch once they're doing it.

                            1. re: Optimista

                              Yeah! Excellent article. Had my mouth watering. Can't wait until they open for lunch, as it is difficult to get out after driving all the way home at night.

                              For lunch, they're two minutes down the street.

                              1. re: amysuehere

                                Amy we should get together for lunch if you are this close to me!

                                1. re: rudeboy

                                  Let's do it! I have an open schedule, so you let me know the time. Do you still have my email address?

                              2. re: Optimista

                                Interesting article although there are enough local bakeries that they should totally get them made here and stop shipping them in. That has to be really expensive.

                                1. re: Rptrane

                                  I agree, Rptrane. Apparently, he tried a couple of times to have local folks make the buns, and they just weren't turning out the way he wanted. Don't know if he just didn't ask the right people, or what, but that cost has got to be a major drain on a product that he's selling for $5.

                                  1. re: Optimista

                                    I stopped at T-Loc's Sonoran Hot Dogs for dinner earlier this week and thought it was wonderful. The couple running the trailer are so nice and I agree with all the nice things written here (and at optimista's blog) about them and their food.

                                    I can add the tortillas are super thin, but sturdy, and make a perfect wrap for the carne asada. These are some well-made tortillas! The horchata (cinnamon rice milk) is just as delicious as the agua fresca. I also had a sonoran dog with the works and I could've used someone to split that carne asada with!

                                    1. re: ridgeback

                                      Yup, sharing one dog and one burrito is just about perfect.

                              3. re: Optimista

                                I ate there today for lunch. had a dog "con todo" and a bean and cheese burrito.

                                The tortillas are great. The bread was soft and the dog was messy as hell. i'll go back. the owner was a really nice guy too.

                                1. re: ieathereforeiam

                                  Went today at lunch. Loved the dog. Loved the carne asada burrito. Mango licuado was good.

                                  1. re: BTAustin

                                    I got soooo close to going yesterday for lunch. It would have been a party!

                                    1. re: amysuehere

                                      Ha. Conscious Cravings is right there too and great too-vegan or not vegan. And you can see Phil's/Amy's and Sap's from there it's a dense spot of deliciousness now there on Burnet Road....

                            2. re: Optimista

                              Haven't been on in a while and just saw this! This is great!

                              I'm gonna go check it out soon...

                              1. re: Optimista

                                We went on Saturday on our way out of town for the weekend. Absolutely loved it and the owners. We had one of the hot dogs and one of the carne asada burritos plus two aqua fresca. ¬°Delicioso! Hubby said the hot dog was the best, most memorable he'd ever had. We'll return often. Worth the drive from Cedar Park!

                              2. Apparently, they're only open at night. That's awkward for me...

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                                1. re: amysuehere

                                  Miguel put in two weeks' notice at his day job, which means they'll soon be open for lunch!

                                2. They're not open for lunch on Mondays, fyi. I was craving some agua fresca and just found out.

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                                  1. re: amysuehere

                                    I think we did too good a job of spreading the word. We went Saturday night and there was a sign on their trailer saying they were sold out. Happy for them, sad for us!

                                    1. re: Optimista

                                      Great news for them. They definitely know that we are here......what time did you go, and out of curiosity, what was your backup plan (where did you eat)?

                                      1. re: rudeboy

                                        We showed up pretty late...I think around 8:30 or 9:00, IIRC. We wandered over to Stinson's to check out the scene there, instead. It was okay.

                                  2. Took a couple of my UT students over there today and we arrived at 11:45 with 21 of their fed exed buns left. We each tried the premium dog with all the ingredients and a half carne asada burrito. wonderful stuff and they gave us some very refreshing mango agua fresca on the house. Everything on the dog was, for lack of a better expression, harmonious and balanced.

                                    This trailer is a gem and worthy of the praise it's receiving from us (so worth the carbs). I told them I'd give a good solid thumbs up here. Adorable folks. The food amount was perfect - I'd be on a cot all afternoon if I ate the dog and a whole burrito.

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                                    1. re: slowcoooked

                                      They do do a wonderful agua fresca. I'm going to get one right now. I'm thirsty!

                                      1. re: rudeboy

                                        Ahhh - tasty! They are two bucks and tax. The owner refilled it for me as we were talking. Love this place.

                                        Went over to supercuts for some reason to get a haircut. Last couple of times I got really good ones. Got butchered today. It is too short to repair, so I can't meet up with any of you for about two weeks.

                                        1. re: rudeboy

                                          My mom started putting the pineapple cores from making fruit salad or whatever into a 4 qt pitcher of water and setting it in the fridge - brilliant. Just a hint of fruit flavor, and the core can be reused like for 3 - 5 pitchers before the flavor starts to disappear. ...free and so refreshing. Not as good as Miguel's . . but it sure makes good use of "trash".

                                      2. re: slowcoooked

                                        I have trouble getting all the way over to that side of town so I decided to make my own. Si while I haven't been the trailer, I'm pretty sure mine are better ;-) The flavors do go very well together! Best of all mine only cost about $1.70 each!

                                        (click flikr link for bigger photo since Chowhound lacks that feature)

                                        1. re: sqwertz

                                          looks good. the only thing that truck probably does different is a special super soft bun.

                                          1. re: ieathereforeiam

                                            I looked at a couple stores for acceptable buns to no avail - most bolillo rolls were too big or wide. So I ended up with the standard hot dog buns, steamed. They weren't really messy at all and held together under all that gunk.

                                      3. Went again today. Miguel greeted me by name (it's the little things...).

                                        Ordered some of the wonderful hibiscus agua fresca (I'm dying to thy the pineapple) and a burrito.

                                        We chatted while he prepared my burrito as I drank my h.a.f. Really, such a great host. He even refilled me before I left.

                                        Went back and had a lovely al fresco lunch and even had half left for leftovers tomorrow!

                                        1. I'm so in love with not only T-Loc's but the couple that own it. Thanks to Optimista for the recommendation! While the hot dogs are a bit much for me (I really only like mustard and relish on my dog), the bite I tried of my husband's was really good.

                                          I'm 100% addicted to their carne asada burrito though. That is the portable food dreams are made of. It's so simple but totally delicious. I'd like to try the bean and cheese, but I just can't tear myself away from the carne asada.

                                          The aqua frescas are perfection as well. The hisbiscus one the other day was like grown up Kool-Aide.

                                          1. There are now two trailers that will get my regular business for lunch, this one and an old favorite, Melvin's. I went yesterday for the 3rd time insisting that a couple work buds try it. Most everyone agrees it's the or one of the best dogs they've ever eaten. When I described the dog as having whole brown beans as part of the mix my wife wrinkled her nose in doubt - until she then experienced how it all so perfectly blends on that ridiculously good bread. Last time I saw a dad with two young daughters. I think it was a week ago today (friday). I was wondering if that was a hound sighting? RB? Those two kids looked to be quite enjoying the quesadilla.