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Jul 9, 2011 07:33 PM

Hyannis surprise

Went to the Black Cat recently specifically to see Lou Columbo, I was wowed by the roasted cod with scallion rice and coconut lime broth. And I'm not easily wowed.

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  1. The suprise I received on a recent visit to the Black Cat was the prices they charged and that they did it with a straight face! Said cod dish is $21. For cod??? $37 for bouillabaisse, and the nerve to charge $6 for a CUP of chowder. $12 for Oysters Rock is in line with anyone else, until you find out theres's only four to an order. Honestly, the food's just not that good to justify the pricing, but I find the same is true at The Roadhouse also owned by the same folks.

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Although $21 is on the high side it definitely wasn't the $6.99 stop & shop cod to begin with. The fishmonger I tend to prefer on west main also has high prices but is the freshest of the fresh, high quality seafood, I never regret paying for. Add in all the overhead of running a business and there you go.( do you think he pays his Dad?)

      1. re: kiki47

        I know the West Main Fish Monger well. Athough the product is good, he too is a rip off. While he's charging $45.99 for fresh cooked lobster meat, $4.99 for steamers, and $18.99 for swordfish, Joe's Fish and Lobster in Sandwich is serving it up far fresher and cheaper at $29.99 for lobster meat, $2.99 for steamers, and $12.99 for sword. I once asked the market owner next to the Lobster Boat in West Yarmouth why his prices were so much less than the West Main guy and he said, "I really don't know as we all pay the same thing for the same stuff,. He just must be greedy" I happen to think he's spot on.

        Black Cat is no different.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Joe's in Sandwich sells some pretty lousy fish- had several batches with worms and that terrible fishy odor plus he's a crab and treats his staff like servants.

          Truthfully, I'd rather go to Roche Bros in Mashpee- have got mussels and cod there and haven't been disappointed. Agree the West Main store is very expensive but I haven't had any bad fish from him.

          1. re: capegal

            If you're in Mashpee check out the new Lobster Trap Fish Market at the rotary. I recently discovered their restaurant in Bourne and I really like their style. I strolled through the attached market in Bourne and was impressed with their fresh offerings. After checking out their website I noticed the Mashpee Store. No doubt it's very similar.

            1. re: capegal

              I confess that I've never met Joe, but the help there has always looked happy and cheerful to me. Shocked that you would be so unlucky as to have had worms on not one, but several occasions as I've never seen that once in my 50+ years. Even more incredible is that you had fish that wasn't the utmost in fresh as the turnover there is 10x that of any other fish monger on Cape. I love Roche Bros. and wish they would open a market in the Mid Cape area, but their fish counter is no where near the selection, quality, freshness and price as Joe's. I shop there frequently and just this season, on multiple occasions have had lobster (live and cooked meat) littlenecks, cherrystones, chowder clams, mussels, sword, halibut, cod, sole, crabmeat, squid, sea scallops (local bays all winter) and even their housemade cole slaw and nothing was short of perfect.

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                He does have a loyal following and he's captured the market in Sandwich. I live closer to Mashpee so at least I have a choice. Roche bros doesn't have a wide selection which is why I end up often at the West Main store. Think I should just learn how to fish and clam and I'd be all set!

                1. re: capegal

                  I live in West Barnstable so its a significant drive out of my way to shop there. West Main is much easier to get to, as are others. Personally, if I got worms in my fish from anywhere just once, much less SEVERAL times, I'd never go back and tell everyone I know all about it. I doubt he's built up his loyal following putting out wormy spoiled product.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    I've been going to Joe's for years with no issues whatsoever.
                    I agree with Cape Cod Guy that if I found that once I would never return. Maybe I've been lucky but between price and supply I love it.

              2. re: capegal

                Granted, finding worms in your fish is gross, but they are not from contamination or "old product". They are naturally occuring parasites called nematodes. They are the bane of the existence of fish markets because people think they got a bad product. They are common in white fishes (cod, halibut, flounder), but also salmon and swordfish. They should check all fish by candling (putting it on a glass box with a light under it), but I've only seen restaurants do that, in my experience. But maybe a lot of them do that. Cook your fish to an internal temp of 140 degrees and any parasites will be "gone". Ok, the fishy odor??? Old!

                1. re: ciclista

                  Right. Kind of makes one want to REALLY inspect your sushi, yes?

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    I know! I always think of the parasitic worm possibilty when I eat sushi! That's why I stick to tuna usually...I've never found them.

                    1. re: ciclista

                      I once had a woman who worked the raw bar at a now defunct restaurant at the Bourne rotary tell me, if you ever looked at this stuff under a microscope you'd never eat raw seafood again.

                      Turns out, her day job was as a micro-biologist at Woods Hole.

                      I still love clams on the half shell and all sushi, though.