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Jul 9, 2011 06:48 PM

Bombay Poori - New ' Good Indian Food Find' in Richmond Hill

Whilst driving along the 'Yonge Street strip' north of Major Mac in search of 'take out dinner' ideas, I noticed this previously undetected restaurant located at an obscure corner inside a plaza around Yonge and Elgin Mills. Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try. Since I love lamb of all type, I ordered a Karahi Gosht and Saag Lamb. Both of these come with either rice or Naan.

Both dishes were surprisingly delicious! Very skilled use of spices. Nothing generic about the sauces! I would say the taste is at par with Copper Chimney and better than Bombay Bheel/Chutney's offereing.

I am refraining from giving the restaurant a solid thumbs-up until I have a chance to try out more dishes down the road. Meanwhile, Bombay Poori has every sign and potential of becoming one of Richmond Hill's Best Indian restaurant!

Bombay Poori
10620 Yonge Street, #10
( Yonge & Elgin Mills )
Richmond Hill
Tel: 905-884-4512

PS: Whilst waiting for my food, an Indian gentleman came in and ordered a few Butter chicken for take out.. Based on the owner/staff's greeting, this gentleman is obviously a repeating customer! A very good sign!

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  1. Charles,

    this is the restaurant which I was going to do a write up on a few weeks ago, in this thread: but I didn't as I felt people may have known about it but not liked it since it was not mentioned when I asked about where people eat Indian food in RH. Well I am glad you did like it, and thanks for writing the review, now I didn't have to!! It's not a new place, they said they had been their two years when I asked when they opened.

    Four of us ate there that day, it was a Tuesday or Wednesday and at 7:00 pm we were the only people there and still no other customers when we left at around 8:30pm. I had originally spotted the place as we were driving by earlier in the day so we decided to try it for dinner. Two of us who ate were orginally from India and two were not, but we all thought the food we had was very good and will go there again. And yes I also thought it was at least as good as Copper Chimmney.

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      Why didn't you write it up? Maybe people didn't post about it because they didn't know about it. We need to support the places we like or else risk losing them to lack of business!

      1. re: TorontoJo

        I didn't write it up mainly because since I knew it was open for almost 2 years and nobody mentioned it, they didn't like it. After all, I live in Riverdale and saw the sign for it easily as I drove by as it is in the parking lot. I've been very busy in the last few months, and since so many of the items I post get deleted or I'm told that I'm an "insider" , I just didn't put any effort into it. But go try it out, the items I tried were all very good.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            The website is still a secret so here it is:


            I am having dinner there tonight since we will be in the area.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              foodyDudey, since you've been to the restaurant several times, do you have any particular dishes you would recommend?

              1. re: pinkprimp

                I ended up going on Monday night to try it out. We tried to order in a way that would allow us to sample the range of items on the menu. I'm not an expert on Indian cuisine by any means, so I could only judge the food on the relatively limited experiences I've had in the past. With that caveat, my overall impression is that while the sauces of the various dishes were nice and obviously different from one another, it was (a) quite salty (b) devoid of any heat whatsoever, to the point where most dishes tasted sweet. They also try hard to be hospitable.

                Overall, we enjoyed our meal, though disappointed that they had run out of lamb for the evening. The appetizers were a bit of a dud (the samosa shells were a hard, brittle layer; the vegetable pakoras were almost indistinguishable from the onion bhaji; mango lassi was warm) but I did enjoy the flavours of the karahi beef, though this was also the worst salt offender. The made to order naan is also a nice touch.

                I also noticed that they had a dinner buffet Mon-Thurs for $11.99. Most customers coming through the door while we were there chose to do the buffet. I think I will return next week to try it, as it did look quite tasty and a terrific bargain - included in the price is also the ability order all the fresh naan you want (vs. the $1.50/per we paid with our dinner).

                foodyDudey, please do not hesitate in the future to point out more of your chowfinds :-p

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Another reason I didn't write it up is when I do mention something unknown but good on here, those posts go almost completely ignored. When I mentioned VIa Norte as a being a very good Portuguese restaurant in this topic, nobody had any interest in trying it, but mentioned all sort of other options. That's not the first time that has happened.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Just because no one replies, doesn't mean no one is reading and benefiting from the information. Anyway, I don't mean to tell you how to post -- it's your choice, of course!

      2. I went back and try their food again tonight. This time I ordered the Butter Shrimp and the Beef Curry. Whilst telling me it will take 15 minutes, it took more like 25 minutes instead! This was actually a good sign since it reflected the fact that they prepare each dish individually.

        The food this time is good but not great.

        The Butter Shrimp tasted like a cross between a tomato bisque and Campbell's cream of tomato soup, with spices added to infuse a little heat to the dish. The shrimps, which are of good size, were unfortunately a touch overcooked and hence more chewy than crunchy. Overall taste is just your typical 'butter' product. Nothing stand out. For 'Butter' dishes, I still prefer Maroli's version. IMO, best tasting butter chicken in town!

        The curry beef was pretty delicious. I enjoyed their mix of spices used. However, I did find the sauce a touch too 'tangy', leaning more towards the Vindaloo style.

        Again, whilst waiting for my take-out, I had a chance to talk to another waiting regular customer. He raved about their Chicken Tikka Masala. Guess this will be my next target?!