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Jul 9, 2011 05:12 PM

Bakery in/near Pacific Grove

We are having a family reunion next weekend. There are two people having birthdays so I'd like to pick up a birthday cake. We will be staying at Asilomar but I'm willing to travel.

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  1. Not sure about cakes, but the best bets we've found for pastries are Parker-Lusseau or The Paris Bakery on Bonafacio. (ETA: both in downtown Monterey)

    1. Definitely consider Layers on the corner of Soledad and Pacific Aves. It will be a small drive (10 min or so) but totally worth it.

      1. Closest quality bakery would be Pavel's Backerei, 219 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, (831) 643-2636. I have had many wonderful things from there, but I'm not sure if they do cakes. Worth a call as it is fairly close to Asilomar.

        Pavel's Backerei
        219 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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          that Backerei makes great doughnuts, among other things, and is a requisite stop for us when we're in the area. we weren't looking for cakes, however.

        2. Thanks for the information. It sounds like we are certain to get a great cake!

          1. The original comment has been removed