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Food Safety question: discoloured roast pork?

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I just got a pork roast out of the fridge - it's been in there for 3 days and the eat-by date is July 15. It has some discolouration (grey looking vs the usual pink) and I can't say the discolouration smelled too good although I can't also say it smelled 'off'.

Is this OK to roast and eat or should I chuck it? Damn thing was $20.

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  1. I tend to draw the line at two days for stuff like that. And as to the smell, if it doesn't smell like it does when I bought it, I generally see that as a warning sign. I doubt at three days it would kill you, but it's certainly not going to be the best pork roast you've ever had.

    1. The eat-by date is still 5 days off.
      Could you cut off the discoloured bit and give it another sniff? That's what I'd do in the first instance.

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        Hi I am Chef and I have one rule if I am unsure in the trash I go sorry for your $20 :(

      2. I wouldn't hesitate one bit to roast and eat. Have done so and will do so many times over. Meat surfaces can get that off color from simple exposure to air, not all wraps that LOOK air tight are air tight.

        1. Old food service rule of thumb...when in doubt, throw it out

          1. It is likely the meat is discolored a little because of oxidation from air getting to the meat. I would not hesitate to cook it to an internal temperature of 145° and eat it myself as well as feeding it to my family. If you feel more comfortable trimming off the discolored portions, go ahead and do that.

            1. Thanks all - I don't even think I would have asked this question if it wasn't so far from the sell-by date (I had about a week to go according to the sticker...) but I ended up roasting it and trying a little of it myself last night. Still alive. If still alive for tomorrow will shred for sandwiches. :D

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                I know my reply is way past when you cooked your roast but this is for a future situation. I would have brought that roast back to the store and asked for a replacement or refund. Sometimes things go wrong with fresh meat. I have done this in the past and most stores should be happy to replace it or refund your money. Just make sure you keep the packaging. S